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The continent of sidonia

The continent of sidonia is the most populated region of the planet cadmeia and the largest continent on the planet


The continent of sidonia is a vast upland region of Cadmeia.Most of the continent is covered in dense boreal forests like those of caledonia.Sidonia is mostly known for its gigantic mountains and volcanoes.The largest of which the throat of the allfather actuallt reaches into space.The continent is covered in over 40 volcanoes and some of them are active.The beautiful icy mountains and verdant forests attract many visitors from caledonia to it.The water supply for most of the continent comes mainly from the fimbulus ocean with a small percentage of it coming from the drakeblood basin at the center of the continent

Flora & Fauna

Sidonia is rich in different sorts of exotic alien creatures.In the forests lie the sentient predatory bloodwolves and forest satyrs as well as trolls and jotuns.near the volcanoes the large lava hydras and krakens live and sometimes in the volcanoes themselves.The mountainous regions contain the aerial predators known as darkbeasts and their larger cousins the bloodbeasts as well as snow minotaurs,jotuns,frost satyrs,mountain satyrs and many more.The mountainous region is also noted for the bloodvine plant which is a predatory plant that can walk around and slash people in half with its razor sharp vines.The mountainous regions are also home to the celestial dragons including the gigantic neptune sized dragon known as valcoran the defender.The icy oceans are home to the deviltides a large predatory aquatic animal as well as the krakens which have the strength to rip super earth planets apart like eggs.
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