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The cadmeian 88th heavy siege division


The highest ranking member of the division is the division commander who controls the entire division.The bloodseer is the leader of the engineering squads and the bishop the leader of the chaplain corps.The medicus is the leader of the medical squads.all Of them however answer to the division commander.Corporals and sergeants usually occupy the roles of NCOs of the different groups.A division commander has 10 battalion commanders under his command and they in turn each have 10 company commanders who control 10 NCOs each as well.The same hierarchy is followed in the other squads with little variations.


The cadmeian 88th siege division is heavily equipped for siege and shock assault warfare so they have a very large number of dawn raiders and terminator tanks including some of the very rare Hephaestus terminators.The division has over a thousand Goliath battle suits as well as 10 hydra super heavy drop ships to rapidly carry troops for assault.In addition they have the blood raider super heavy siege vehicle whose main cannon is strong enough to pierce the Armor of some medium sized cruisers.The air fleet is also complimented by hundreds of blood dragon gunship helicopters and dozens of blood angel fighter bombers.The division also has a large amount of vindicator suit Armored troopers who usually lead the assaults on the enemy,
Founding Date
Military, Marine Corps Division
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
The Imperial Terran Federation
The continent of sidonia
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