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The blood priest

Blood priests are the second highest rank of Runeseers .They are given the authority to oversee the construction of large outposts as well as take part in building the fortress cities of Cadmeia.They command a huge retinue of fellow lower ranking runeseers and many other people who help them in their work.


For getting to become a blood priest a runeseer has to serve at least a decade as a runeseer in the Cadmeian blood dragon corps although in some rare cases runseers were elevated to this rank as recognition of their bravery or just because they were really talented at runeseekng.


A runseer must have at least a decade of experince in runseeing to become a blood priest.


To be appointed as a blood priest a runseer has to be directly appointed by the high priest of runseeing to this rank.The coronation ceremony usually involves the newly appointed blood priest receiving his equipment and gear and renewing his oath to the federation and god himself


A blood priest is in charge of building outposts as well as taking part in the building of the gigantic fortress cities.An exceptionally skilled blood priest can even become a honorary member of the council of runseers


A runseer usually oversees the placement of the defense systems,which systems are placed where,what systems will be placed and the overall layout of the fortress.


The position of blood priest offers many advantages.A blood priest is one of the most powerful persons in the cadmeian blood dragon corps and he holds sway over thousands of acolytes.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Since they are high ranking soldiers as well they usually get higher quality weapons and armor.They are known for their signature M45 twilight angel pattern power armor.They can carry weapons including the M42 Bloodlighter and the ZMG 123 Wight which can rip both heavy infantry and light vehicles alike apart.They can swap these for a heavy plasma carbine or a heavy plasma destroyer and a fusion annhilator anti tank weapon.Their armor is strong enough to withstand the fire from their own weapons for a moderate amount of time

Civic, Military, Commissioned
Source of Authority
A blood priest is usally given authority by the high priest himself
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Some notes: You're missing spaces after periods. Ex. " M45 twilight angel pattern power armor.They can " Some capitalization on names are missing. The continent of sidonia should be Sidonia. Is it supposed to be runseer or rune seer?   I think the article could benefit from some context. I don't feel like I know your world well enough to really comment on much of this stuff and there's no connective tissue to the setting at large to give me much to grasp. You have a clear idea in mind, I can tell, so help your reader understand that. :)   What society/societies are they part of? What does their rituals look like? How are they seen- by the common man and the enemies? What powers to they command, politically or spiritually?   Stuff like that will really help you flesh out your article and connect it to the world. :)