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Created by Alphonse Cypher.

The seraphim is the second highest rank achievable by one in the bloodmarine legions. There are two seraphims in every legion and each one of them control half of the legion on behalf of the lord commander of the legion themselves. They answer solely to the lord commander of their respective legions and sometimes command their respective legions in the absence of the Lord commander of their legion. Many of the lord commanders were seraphims themselves before ascending to the rank of the lord commander of their respective legions


To become a seraphim one needs to be noticed directly by the lord commander of their respective legions to ascend to this rank. This can be showing a brilliant mind of strategy, a lot of bravery, valorous acts, or natural talent or skill at warfare. After being noticed by their respective lord commander they will begin training under the lord commander himself/herself they begin training under them in order to become a seraphim. In this time they will go on various missions across different star systems with their respective lord commander before the lord commander decides to coronate the nascent seraphim to a full grown one. During the beginning of their career their actions will still be monitored by the Lord commander as well as all of the other soldiers of the legion. If they show success in their duties they are fully promoted to the rank of Seraphim.


A seraphim when he or she ascends to the rank is officially and personally given the rank by the lord commander of his or her respective legion in an official ceremony. If the lord commander is not available then either another seraphim or the highest ranking officer available will head the coronation ceremony. During the coronation ceremony the seraphim swears the oath of the seraphim and renews his loyalty to the almighty and the federation. He or she pledges that they would lead their blood brothers and sisters to victory during the wars against the Breakers forces and protect all those who serve the almighty be it human or alien. They also recieve their equipment during the ceremony and can ask for what type of equipment they would like to use during their tenure as a seraphim.


The seraphim is first and foremost intended to act as the second in commands of their respective legions. They pass on the orders of the lord commander as well as command the forces of the legion in his or her absence. They are also expected to look after the general condition of the legions soldiers and pass on the commanders order to them


The everyday schedule of a seraphim usually consists of monitoring troop deployments, personally leading assaults, planning strategies for large campaigns that involve multiple star systems, and monitoring the troops of the legion. They lead by example and are always the first to enter combat and lead assaults against the enemies of the federation and alliance against the breakers forces.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Seraphims, like the lord commander of their respective legions are very rarely equipped with standard issue equipment. Most of their equipment is unique to the seraphim and built for them only by the most skilled of Artificers with the rarest and most high quality materials available. The master crafted suits of void armor worn by these champions can easily shrug off anti tank missiles as well as fusion gun blasts without so much as scratching the paint off of their armor. A seraphim usually carries four weapons. The first one is a general purpose weapon like a heavy assault rifle or a heavy plasma gun, the second is a weapon designed to deal with multiple foes, most seraphims carry a 120mm autocannon for this purpose. The third is an armor piercing weapon which is used for heavily armored foes and is most of the times a fusion cannon or singularity gun which shoots miniature black holes. The fourth is a melee weapon and this can be a heaven energy infused Void weapon ranging from scythes, Greatswords, Greataxes, Greathammers, Halberds, spears etc

Notable Holders

Aiden Tallorann in his early days was a seraphim himself before ascending to the ranks of the lord commander of the skeleton lords. Lorann sanguinus meros and Anniallia Karina are currently seraphims in their respective legions of the The blood reapers legion and the The skeleton lords legions

Civic, Military, Generic
The title of seraphim is still in effect to this day .
Source of Authority
The lord commander of the legion gives the authority for a seraphim
Length of Term
A seraphim usually serves until he or she dies, falls to the breakers corruption or willingly abdicates his or her position if they wish to do so
Current Holders
Past Holders
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30 Dec, 2018 17:53

I really like the setup you have, a couple of nits to pick, though. At an early paragraph you have two "lines" that begin with "respective legion" while on mobile view. You could replace the second one with "their legion" since you already specified that they're specific legions, and not commanding somone else's legion. Actually, you read to be very fond of "their respective legion" as after the same line thing, I started finding my eyes wander and seek out that phrase. XD   In English, we like to give Proper Nouns capitals, but that's another minor nit to pick as a grammar read through.   Someone had been talking about how they love excerpts over links, perhaps you could have such a link for the first usage of Bloodmarine Legions, and again at Lord Commander.   Under responsibilities, maybe a quotation box with a checklist of a Seraphim's To-Do list like "Check in with L.C. Gregorian, Eat breakfast with the troops, Check in to see if Captain Fulaffle is actually making his troops clear out the latrines, or is just digging new ones all the time." Strikethrough for the completed tasks. Perhaps even Aiden Tallorann's?   How do individual Seraphim differentiate their armor sets from each other in a legion as well?

30 Dec, 2018 17:55

Overall, I love it because you make it sound like any raw recruit could someday dream of being a Seraphim themself.

13 Feb, 2019 06:03

Very good my friend. I find ranks can be a little hard to make work on their own but you did well :) I don't see alot of periods without soaces or passive voice but I did catch a little bit pick.     There are two seraphims in every legion and each one of them control half of the legion on behalf of the lord commander of the legion themselves.   You say legion three times In one sentence. This is easy to do as your usually not rereading while writing. I'd rework it and only use the word once if oossible, twice if you really cant fond a way lol

13 Feb, 2019 06:04

Other than this I really don't have much to add. Good job