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Amongst the armies of the federation and its allies lie a breed of warriors. They use the power of the dead against their enemies and revive their fallen brethren by plucking the souls out for a being without a soul cannot survive for long. They also find themselves in the ranks of the demonhunters as well. They are not however limited to only mankind's armies, nor are they the most numerous there. The Lycans and Saurians make the most use of them, followed by the Aenarri and the Lycans. Besides this the necromancers also are involved in the genetic engineering department and always toil for making better genes which would make more enhanced soldiers.



For becoming a necromancer one has to take the course of necromancy offered at the military academies across the colonies of the federation. After they complete the course which takes two years at most, they are assigned to the rank of the necromancers as a necroservant. Further courses are offered as one progresses through the ranks.

Career Progression

When a necromancer first joins the ranks of their respective marine corps regiment or bloodmarne or shadow marine legion they are given the rank of necroservant. They mostly assist the igher ranking necromancers in their endeavors and collect samples of alien flora and fauna and help deconstruct their genes to search if anything of use in making a potentially stronger military gene is there. Once a necromancer gets promoted to the next rank of necromancer he or she is given her own small lab and a retinue of necroservants to help them out in their endeavours. Their findings are always closely monitored by a council of high ranking necromancers to determine if the experiments they are doing are inside the tenets of the law or necromancy or even if they break it see if it is for good purposes. They are also given things called gene packs which contain genes of different Xeno organisms that they are allowed to modify. Occasionally a great find will alleviate the necromancers to his next rank. Here he or she is given greater freedom in researching and also some part in assigning others to research on behalf of him and work together with others on a joint project. The next rank allows him to become a junior member of the necromancy board and administrate the order of necromancers from all across the federation . The next rank of the necromancers garners them a place in the necromancy board and this includes administrating necromancy laws, working on large projects with other necromancers and alleviating other necromancers to higher ranks. The final rank is the overseer of the necromancers who control the council of necromancers and have the most power out of all the necromancers



The most valuable and precious tool for a necromancer would be his combat suit, specially created for him or her by the most skilled of artisans. On the back of their combat suits is mounted a backpack in which they can store all their belongings. the left wrist contains a tube and a computer. The computer can take readings of the genes of almost any identified organism. If the readings don't come out then there is a high chance for the gene or genes to be completely unknown ones and so the necromancer sets to deconstructing those genes and trying to make more complex genes or straight up implement those in the bloodmarines and shadowmarines. The tube contains raw psychic energy and can be used to reanimate corpses for a short amount of time . To permanently reanimate someone one has to find a soul of the right size for the being. If given too small of a soul, it cannot run on that and will soon collapse and dissipate. If given too large of a soul then the body will explode from the overflow of psychic energy into the body. The souls captured by the necromancers are stored in vessels made of psychoinsulative materials and special soul capturing fields that can hold souls in place for a short period of time.


The necromancers most useful materials are the special tubes which can contain souls capable of reanimating corpses permanently to fight and also to revive special beings for further research.


The workplace of a necromancer depends upon the rank of the necromancer. Smaller ranking necromancers have small labs with relatively few resources and equipment for research while higher ranking necromancers have large and well maintained laboratories with large amounts of high end faculties and plenty of resources. If a junior necromancer shows particular promise in the art of necromancy a high ranking necromancer can make him or her an apprentice of him or her and allow them access to their research and their labs.

Dangers & Hazards

Necromancy comes with a variety of hazards. The first and deadliest is the erosion of the soul that happens if one uses necromancy too much since it is a dark art to revive what was not meant to be revived except for a good cause. Necromancers can also suffer from catastrophic incidents when they accidentally trap their own souls inside the soul jars

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15 Dec, 2018 17:07

I can see that you have thought well about how to implement necromancy in your world, and their job as alien-gene-scientists is something I haven't seen before. But your layout makes it kinda hard to read sadly. I would recommend the following steps:
1. Make paragraphs using [br] for new lines.
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30 Jan, 2019 12:30

I like the connection they have with genes, makes them sound like supernatural bio engineers ^^ I also liked their tools, like the combat suit and the soul carrying vessels. The special tubes sounded like neat supernatural soul bombs ^^ A question though that I don't think was answered, but how does a necromancer become a member of the board or an overseer?