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Lord Commander

Created by Alphonse Cypher

The lord commander of the a bloodmarine or shadowmarine legion is the highest ranking and usually the oldest member of the legions they serve in. They are the highest champions of the federation and each of the lord commanders of the bloodmarine legions are a champion of the titans themselves. Currently there are 12 lord commanders of the bloodmarine legions and 120 lord commanders of the shadowmarine legions. They all report to the high lord commander and leader of the federation Augustus Geronus Ludwig. The lord commanders of the bloodmarine legions are also members of the imperial council which consisting of the champions of 11 titans and one high titan govern the entire federation as a whole.


The selection process of a lord commander is undertaken long before the previous lord commander dies or falls to the breaker by both other lord commanders and Ludwig himself. They all monitor the actions and prowess of the candidate they have selected closely. The federation however is not the only entity that watches for the creation of a lord commander. The titans themselves carefully observe the person they themselves have selected and if they show promise and control over their power they will select that person as their champion and initiate awakening, which is the name given to the process that sees a normal human transitioning into a champion of the titans. If the being isnt chosen by the titans then he or she will be deemed unfit to become a lord commander.   After the being has awakened the federation will immediately pick up the being and start training him or her with their newly awakened powers. The training regimen will be headed by the current commander of the legion they will serve in and if that lord commander has died then the other lord commanders will train them for their rank. After completing their training they are officialy made the lord commander by Ludwig himself and if he isn't present to conduct the ceremony then the other lord commanders will conduct the ceremony themselves to elevate the person to the rank of lord commander


To become a lord commander first and foremost one has to be chosen by the titans themselves to be selected as a lord commander. The titan that chooses them will dictate which legion he will go to. If for example the titan is Sanguinius then the chosen person will go to the blood reapers legion even though this position has been occupied by Ludwig for over a thousand years.


Like the seraphims the lord commander of a legion is elevated to this rank in a special coronation ceremony. This ceremony is carried out by Ludwig himself or any other lord commander present if Ludwig is absent. During this ceremony they are presented with their equipment and they have to swear a new oath to lead mankind and gods forces against the breaker and protect them from any and all harm. After they have sworn in they are given their equipment and then officially inducted into the rank of lord commander of their respective legion


The first and foremost duty of a lord commander is to lead his legion and mankind against the forces of the breaker whenever the time calls. They are in charge of some of the most powerful organisations in the entire galaxy and are themselves a ruling part of the federation. Each of the lord commanders has a specific purpose to serve in the federations imperial council and they are expected to discharge their duties exceptionally by both their peer and subordinates


Most of the day to day responsibilities of the lord commander are the same as those of the Seraphims. They plan key attacks on large bastions of the breaker and personally lead assaults and campaigns against various demonic forces that can sometimes span hundreds of star systems. They are also responsible for looking after the general health of their respective legions and instructing the Seraphims on what to do in the field. They will also train the Seraphims under them if they haven’t formally ascended to the rank when he gets time and often he is accompanied by both of his Seraphim. They lead their legions by example and with their Seraphims lead the Main assaults against the foe and inspire his soldiers with his prowess.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The equipment of the lord commanders is specially crafted for him by the highest skilled artisans and many of their equipment have been in use by the previous lord commanders for centuries. Their artifact weapons never jam or fail and they always cut true and strong against their enemy. Their master crafted void armor can resist shots from heavy artillery rounds and with the void shields on they can survive even the extreme pressure of orbital bombardement and other energetic weapons. Their void weapons cut through any material known to man and alien and their firepower can devastate entire companies of soldiers in a matter of seconds. Their armor also contains several sensory and life support systems that allow them to sense and survive almost every danger there could be. Only the highest ranking archdemons and the champions of the demonic titans can hope to match these beings in combat as they can also call on the power of their titans and become their avatar for an indefinite period of time until they die or revert back willingly

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

There are only three ways of a lord commander losing his or her position. The first is if they get killed in action and the second is if they get corrupted by the breaker and turn their backs upon the federation. The last one is when he or she willingly abdicates their position. This as mentioned before has never happened in federation history

Cultural Significance

In the cultures of the federation the Lord commanders of the bloodmarine legions hold a near mythical and legendary status as the divine titans of god made flesh and soul. Whenever a lord commander arrives at a star system the entire systems inhabitants are ready to greet him with warm smiles and welcomes and they are respected even by their fellow lord commanders. Most of the lord commanders have a title that intends to glorify them in front of the eyes of the regular soldier of the federation

Bloodmarines and shadowmarines are an elite breed of transhuman supersoldiers that serve the federation. They are organized into 12 legions for the bloodmarines and 120 legions for the shadowmarines. The chief difference between the bloodmarines and shadowmarines is quality and strength and numbers. Although bloodmarines are more powerful, well trained and overall deadlier than the shadowmarines , they are more numerous and also support as an auxilary support force to relieve the bloodmarines during large scale defenses. They hold a special place in the hearts and souls of the citizens of the federation who see them as the divine angels of god made flesh in order to combat their arch nemesis, Kerr the breaker. Most citizens of the federation stand awe at the sight of a bloodmarine and some cannot control their emotions and begin crying out of happiness at their sight. The bloodmarines and shadowmariens thenselves are noble soldiers who sacrifice everything they have in order to protect those they were made to protect against the corruption and attacks of the breaker
Civic, Military, Commissioned
The title of the lord commander is still to this day fully in effect
Source of Authority
Only the lord seraphim has the power to give the authority to the lord commanders
Length of Term
A lord commander serves till he or she dies, is corrupted or abdicates willingly although that has never happened once in federarion history
Current Holders
Related Organizations

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