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Ad infinitum. The story that had been stuck in my mind before i could even speak english. The world and the genre itself have been inspired by a gigantic variety of fiction!  


Music has been one of my most favourite things ever since my childhood. I"ve always loved to listen to epic and uplifting music! But nothing gets me more inspired and willing to write than power metal and anime music! Normally, its Sabaton , Powerwolf and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood that i look to when listening to music whilst writing but I also listen to others like Sonata Arctica, Attack on titan, Epic trailer music and so much more! Below are two examples of what i listen to whilst writing to gain inspiration!


Games are another gigantic source of inspiration for me! Normally for inspiration, i keep games in two categories, one to get inspiration for the more "harder and sciency" parts of my world and and one other category for the more fantays parts of my world. A special shoutout here should go to warhammer 40k as the game that birthed most of my world ( not the story though) into existence! Besides that, The elder scrolls V : Skyrim is a game i play regularly for both fun and for inspiration for the more fantasy parts of my world whilst for sci fi purposes, i look towards stellaris for inspiration!  

Tv series, movies, documentaries, podcasts and youtube videos

Probably the largest source of instant inspiration for me has been podcasts and youtube videos. I routinely watch sci fi documentarie and vidoes and the stuff like that to get a quick and ready source of inspiration when i have nothing to do but just lie on my bed. I regularly watch a youtube channel known as SFIA with Issac Arthur(I even have most of his videos downloaded on my phone lol) and i have to say, if any of my fellow worldbuilders are making science fantasy, soft or hard sci fi or even fantasy, I would definitely advise to look at his channel!   In the realm of TV series and movies, the single most useful one for me was the legendary Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. This anime series has some beautiful storytelling and served as my very first guides to the realm of worldbuilding, storytelling and magic systems. At first sight, i just fell in love with the beautiful world of Amestris and the magic system of alchemy. I to this day, take inspiration from it, mostly just for the storytelling and magic system elements since those are two creative weaknesses of mine besides from writing usually bland characters. Another honourable mention here would go to the LOTR trilogy of films to help me start writing stories that would be truly epic in scale.  

Images and random stuff

I love looking at images of space, aurorae and images from my very own area to be very inspiring! I live near the worlds tallest mountains ( Not on top of them lol, just a valley near them) and have always loved alpine areas! They have this sort of close feel with nature and being untouched by mankind that makes them so beautiful. Below are some examples of images that get me inspired!
      As for random stuff, it pretty much explains itself. Sometimes i have gotten inspiration from the weirdest of places such as having a black cat meow at me, looking at the lake outside my house, listening to the snores of one of my friends whilst on the train to school and so much more. Inspiration truly strikes me at the weirdest of times and from the weirdest of places!

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Author's Notes

This article was mostly written at a time when my brain was sleepy as heck and couldnt even move from my bed so forgive any typos that you guys find  


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19 Jun, 2019 21:22

For an article written in the grips of sleep, you've at least shined an enthusiastic light upon your project. Do you have typos? Yes, but your sheer enthusiasm makes up for them in spades.