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3000 Anno Domini

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    Cadmeia is one of the 5 worlds of the gehennian gate that protects the heartland of mankind from demonic invasions. Colonized nearly 800 years ago by Humans from Terra, the homeworld of Mankind. Soon after however, The existence of malevolent beings from The void known as demons was discovered and Cadmeia was turned into one of the first fortress worlds in Imperial history. Since then it has served as a bastion Of hope for mankind and the other alien races that fight alongside it in their desperate battle against Kerr.   In recent years however, mankinds fortune has drastically turned. Approximately 20 years ago, a gigantic demonic crusade unlike any ever seen before had finally managed to breach Cadmeia and with the exception of a few pockets of resistance, all humans and aliens allied with mankind lay either dead or dying . In the midst of all this, a legendary group of warriors which include the Cadmeians Lorann sanguinus meros and Aiden Tallorann venture out into the universe and beyond in order to find the artifacts of the Ancients, a mysterious race of Xenos that disappeared from the galaxy many billions of years ago. In this journey of blood, death, destruction love and hope, they will face a war that will change the very fate of reality and existence itself. A battle that they desperately hope to win