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His Majesty the High King of Mekohedia, Earl of Iandol, Earl of Karrikferllen, Lord of Preldmaunstergh. Almar Preldmaunstergh (a.k.a. Old Lion.)

King Almar Preldmaunstergh was perhaps one of, if not the, most famous and well-accomplished Mekohedian rulers in the country's history. Born in 1840, He ruled the Kingdom of Mekohedia from 1879 NC to 1901 NC, and was famous for leading the Mekohedian forces at Ankoria Roban, Iandol, the Grey Mountains and numerous other fronts during the wars against the dark wizard Selevast.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Almar Preldmaunstergh was born in 1840 NC, in Iandol, the capital of Mekohedia. He was one of 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl, and often engaged in friendly competitions with his brother. At 7 he was taught the basics of fighting with the sword, and at 8 Almar began sparring against opponents with wooden weapons. He was a skilled rider, and an even more formidable fighter. As the eldest, in 1879 he finally became High King of Mekohedia after his father died, while his brother went to rule Karrikferllen and his sister went to Redshire.   When the Great War began, Mekohedia found itself surrounded by its enemies; orcs to the west, Karzonic warlords to the south and mercenary raiders to the north. However, Almar used this position to his advantage, frequently launching ambushes and raids on Selevast's convoys moving northwards to Conoilith. Karrikferllen quickly found itself under siege from the Karzonic forces, but Almar quickly broke his brother out and destroyed the besieging southerners.   Selevast's forces would continue to have trouble taking down the Kingdom of Mekohedia, and eventually resolved to blockade the fiefdoms instead of attacking them full-on. When the Great War ended, Selevast withdrew his armies from Mekohedia, some of which rushed ahead of the others due to Almar himself leading a counter-attack on the Karzonic troops.   In 1894, Selevast began his conquest again, and this time resolved to take down Mekohedia first. The fiefdoms were individually surrounded and attacked, although Conoilithian armies, angry Farnorian troops and allying warlords to the north prevented the entire kingdom from being annihilated in a matter of months. However, in 1895 a Karzonic, mercenary and orcish fleet landed at Salmon Bay, and made their way to Iandol, which they quickly reached at night. King Almar, along with his generals, knights, and the wizard Maryiag led the defence of the town against the invaders, and sallied out the following morning. By sheer luck, and perhaps a bit of divine providence, King Almar led his men in a headlong charge, smashing through the enemy ranks. When his brother came with reinforcements from Karrikferllen, the besieging army was quickly crushed and routed.   King Almar would then lead his men in a reconquest of Mekohedia, and then on campaign to the Grey Mountains, where he would meet up with Conoilithian forces to defeat Selevast once and for all. At the former stronghold of the Draconic Order, he and those faithful to Idliykin charged the old fortress, and eventually overwhelmed Selevast's forces when the dark wizard himself was slain by Frederick Bardolpham of Travicle. The Orb of Kenellen was put back together, and the war was over.   King Almar retired to Iandol, frequently going on tour around his kingdom. He died of old age in 1901 NC, and was given one of the most spectacular funerals in the history of humankind.


Almar, following the Preldmaunstergh's tradition, was taught and trained in the ways of honour, statesmanship and war as a child, learning to spar when he was 9.

1840 - 1901
Dark blue
Once golden blonde, now greyish-white; long.
1.85 metres

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