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“Fenorian” is a term often used to describe those of or descended from the ancestors of the Conoilithian, Virgandian or northern peoples. These tall humans are generally strong and intelligent, and a common trait among them is pale skin with blue, green or brown eyes, and most distinctive of all their brown to black hair. Their faces are often rather angular, and slim if faces can be described as such.


The Fenorians originated in the north-east of Burithién, and mastered fishing and sailing relatively early on. According to their histories, their craftsmanship, intelligence and appreciation for the arts is a result of encounters with the High Elven civilisations. It is likely their skill in combat is also a result of such, not to mention the climate and landscape where they grew.


Due to their migrations after the Great Storms, the Fenorians settled along the River Eithrond and the lands which would later be called Conoilith, though more would settle in the fertile valleys to the south and form Virgandia. The Fenorians are now the dominant (if such can be said) ethnicity in Burithién ever since the elves dwindled.

Naming Traditions

Masculine names

CONOILITHIAN: Arkon, Blerod, Melgir, Eldon, Eardin, Holson, Rondeir, Albreth WEST: Patreig, Feonnin, Makreig, Seiness,Odgloednair, Geraeld,


Beauty Ideals

The "ideal Fenorian" is often portrayed as a tall person with pale - but not too pale - skin with blue eyes and hazel brown hair.   One interesting thing to note is that people with red or ginger hair are often treated with the highest respect and admiration by the Fenorians. This is largely because they are associated with the traditional fire god, Oghliederon, who is widely praised by the Fenorians. It is therefore often considered an honour and privilege to be married with a red-head, regardless of gender.

Major organizations

The Conoilithian Empire, the Principality of Kruskaya, the Lost Empire of Virgandia.

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