Meishozo Sasara (She/Her)

Herbal Beautician

A traveler and herbalist from a vassal family under the Kuni of the Crab Clan. Meishozo Sasara claims to have come to Rindō in search of a rare flowering plant which only grows on the eastern banks of Kawa no Kin. The petals from this plant's bloom, when dried and crushed, are said to create a vibrant white powder which could further intensify a Kuni shugenja's traditional face paint. The Magistrate of Rindō, Shosuro Jūko, welcomed Sasara with respect and granted her a place to stay. However, it would be a poor samurai of the Scorpion Clan to not suspect an ulterior motive in this visit.   While she does not wear the white face paint favored by her master clan's shugenja, Sasara is clearly no stranger to the art of beauty. The most striking feature to those meeting her for the first time are her eyes, outlined as they are in swooping black patterns against her fair skin. According to Sasara, this effect is accomplished through a particular mixture of berry juice and artfully-prepared powders. Her clothing, in comparison, is designed for travel rather than style. She favors a leather smock and thick slacks in the dark blue colors of the Crab Clan. A silver chain with a leaf ornament attached, wrapped around the daishō at her side, is the only concession to fashion below her neck.
Pale, highlighted
Medium, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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