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Class 4004

Class 4004 was a class of Ship of the Line which served in the Bundesmarine from 2236 until 2323. Class 4004 replaced the Class 4003 Ship of the Line as the standard Ship of the Line.   Opposite to most other ships in the Bundesmarine, the Class 4004 was constructed without commerce raiding in mind. Instead the focus lay on engaging enemy Ships of the Line as well as fixed planetary defenses. During peace prior to the War of First Contact they were often kept in dock, as simply running them was expensive. They only left dock for training purpose. During the war, ships of Class 4004 saw action in all major engagements of the war, begnning with the Liberation of Neu Akershus in early 2280 and ending with the 7th Battle of Jerka in 2282. During this time they often took on the Ayr Ships of the Wall, but despite being heavily armed they only managed to win an engagement if they had an advantage of at least 3:1.   Table of Contents  


  Development of the Class 4004 happened together with the development of the Class 3301 Battlecruiser, as both replaced the Class 4003 Ship of the Line (though in case of Class 3301 it was the Class 4003E variant). The design committe soon created four designs, named "4004α", "4004β", "4004γ" and "4004δ". Of them, "4004γ" was chosen for further development, as the others lacked in armor protection, in case of "4004α", or in main armament, in case of "4004β" and "4004δ".   Construction of the first ship, SOL, began on 10 April 2232 and ended on 27 August 2235, with her being commissioned on 6 January 2236.  


  Ships of Class 4004 were 1,393.36 meters long, had a width of 351.86 meters and a height of 191.61 meters, with a mass of around 9,900,000 tons. Propelled by thirty massive FNS AG HaFuTr Typ 9-series fusion engines, twenty-four mounted at the aft and six at the bow, they managed a maximum acceleration of 30 m/s2, as well as four hundred six HiFuTr Typ 4-series fusion engines for maneuvering. They had a maximum crew of 1,044.   The 4004's main artillery armament consisted of thirty-six 500 cm gamma-ray beam guns in three-gun turrets. The secondary artillery armament consisted of sixty-four 100 cm ultraviolet beam guns in single turrets. She also featured point-defense artillery in the form of ninety-six 30 cm ultraviolet beam guns in twin turrets.   In addition to the artillery, Class 4004 featured a missile armament of seventy-two 300 cm cells, two hundred eighty-eight 200 cm cells and one thousand two hundred eighty 80 cm cells.  



Class 4004A1

  The A1 variant of Class 4004 was the first to enter service and, unlike most other ships, remained for the entire construction process.  

Class 4004A2

  The A2 variant refit saw the replacement of the 100 cm EMStrWa(UV) KJ/2211 with the EMStrWa(UV) KJ/2267, as well as a computer system upgrade, increasing navigational ability in case of a loss of the ODIN AI.  

Class 4004B1

  The B1 variant refit saw the replacement of the Typ 9b fusion engines with the Typ 9c, which's increased efficiency led to an increase in range, as well as a replacement of the Typ 5b fusion reactors with the Typ 5c.  

Class 4004B2

  The B2 variant refit saw the replacement of the Typ 4d fission reactors with the Typ 4e.  

Class 4004C1

  The last variant refit, C1 saw the replacement of the 500 cm EMStrWa(G) KJ/2226 with the 500 cm EMStrWa(G) KJ/2289, as well as replacing the 30 cm EMStrWa(UV) KJ/2231 with the 30 cm EMStrWa(UV) KJ/2284.  

Notable Vessels

  • SOL (LS 299), the flagship of the I. Bundesflotte.
  • TITANIA (LS 544), the flagship of the X. Bundesflotte and the first Class 4004 that was lost in battle.
  • PROSPERO (LS 677), the ship upon which the Treaty of Jerka, ending the War of First Contact, was signed.
Class 4004
Preceded by Class 4003
Succeeded by Class 4005
Class Overview

Type Linienschiff
Built 2232-2263
In commission 2236-2323
Ordered 510
Completed 502
Lost 221
Sold None
Scrapped 281
General Characteristics (Class 4004C1 variant)

Length 1,393.36 meters
Width 351.86 meters
Height 191.61 meters
Mass 9,900,000 tons
Complement 1,044
Powerplants 6 x FNS LSRA(Fus) Typ 5c fusion reactors
2 x MMB LSRA(Fis) Typ 4e fission reactors
Propulsion 30 x FNS HaFuTr Typ 9c fusion engines
406 x FNS HiFuTr Typ 2d auxiliary fusion engines
Acceleration In excess of 30 m/s2
Armament Missiles
6 x 12-cell SLFK/TWuAn Typ 5 heavy missile/torpedo launch systems
12 x 24-cell MLFK/TWuAn Typ 7 medium missile/torpedo launch systems
40 x 32-cell LLFKWuAn Typ 3 light missile launch systems
36 x 500 cm EMStrWa(G) KJ/2289 gamma-ray beam guns (12 x 3)
64 x 100 cm EMStrWa(UV) KJ/2267 ultraviolet beam guns (64 x 1)
96 x 30 cm EMStrWa(UV) KJ/2284 ultraviolet beam guns (48 x 2)
Sensors FuZSA Typ 235 search radar
FuFLA Typ 166 fire-control radar
FuFLA Typ 150 fire-control radar
FuFLA Typ 133 fire-control radar
FuNA Typ 332 navigational radar
IRZSA Typ 23 infrared search sensor
Countermeasures EKA 33 electronic warfare suite
12 x TäKöWuAn 99 decoy launchers
Embarked craft 12 x Class 0006 boats

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