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Class 3201

Class 3201 was a class of large cruiser in service with the Bundesmarine from 2108 until 2187. Class 3201 was later replaced by Class 3202.

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  Following the Neu Athen Crisis and the discovery of the Stellar Bridge Network, the Bundesmarine needed new ships. The first two projects for the development of such ships were the Class 3201 Large Cruisers and the Class 3101 Small Cruisers. The two classes were designed to cooperate, the larger 3201s acting as heavier units while the 3101s acted as scouts and escorts. This was part of an initiative to reduce the number of warship classes down to two, a large and a small cruiser, eliminating the need for ships of the line and destroyers. While that thought was eventually abandoned, the Class 3201's design process still went through, producing three prototypes. Named "3201α", "3201β" and "3201γ", these were evaluated further until 3201α was chosen as the production model.  


  Class 3201 ended up with a length of just under 400 meters at 383.20 meters, a width of 116 meters and a height of 106.38 meters. Like other ships of the time she featured a "skyscraper" deck layout. Her aft engines were at the "bottom", with decks stacked on top. Class 3201 ended up with a mass of 247,000 tons, and a crew of 290. Powered by three FNS AG GKRA(Fus) Typ 1a fusion reactors, later versions were powered by the Typ 2a, and with a back-up of two MMB AG GKRA(Fis) Typ 1a fission reactors, the Class 3201 generated enough electricity to power multiple cities.   Class 3201 was propelled by twenty-five FNS HaFuTr Typ 3a fusion engines, later upgraded to the Typ 3b, with one hundred twenty-two HiFuTr Typ 2b auxiliary engines from FNS as well. Their superb performance, giving the Class 3201 an official max acceleration over 40 m/s2 (the highest observed acceleration was over 50 m/s2), made FNS the primary supplier of engines for centuries.   The main armament of Class 3201 consisted of twenty-four 150 cm EMStrWa(UV) KJ/2099 ultraviolet beam guns from the the Tsunoda-Inoue AG, later upgraded to the KJ/2165, in six four-gun turrets. The secondary artillery armament consisted of forty-eight TI 80 cm EMStrWa(UV) KJ/2101 ultraviolet beam guns in forty-eight single turrets, later KJ/2155s, along with forty-eight TI 30 cm EMStrWa(UV) KJ/2093 (later upgraded to KJ/2122) ultraviolet beam guns in twenty-four twin turrets as self-defense artillery. Class 3201 also featured four TI 400 cm EMStrWa(G) KJ/2103 gamma-ray beam guns as chase armament.   In addition to the artillery, the Class 3201 carried missile launch systems. Consisiting of four 16-cell MLKFWuAN Typ 2 medium missile launch systems for medium-ranged missiles and twelve 32-cell LLFKWuAn light missile launch systems for short-ranged missiles, mainly inteded for self-defense.  

Notable Vessels

  • FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE (GK 1), first ship of Class 3201.
  • KARL DER GROSSE (GK 2), first ship to enter the Alpha Centauri system
  • FRIEDRICH I. (GK 19), which transported Empress Luise I. from her holiday on Neu Russland to Earth, following the death of Empress Viktoria I. in 2132
Class 3201
Preceded by K/R 25-class cruiser
Succeeded by Class 3202
Class Overview

Type Large Cruiser
Built 2104-2137
In commission 2108-2187
Ordered 250
Completed 250
Lost None
Sold None
Scrapped 250
General Characteristics (Class 3201B3 variant)

Length 383.20 meters
Width 116.00 meters
Height 106.38 meters
Mass 247,000 tons
Complement 290
Powerplants 3 x FNS GKRA(Fus) Typ 2a fusion reactors
2 x MMB GKRA(Fis) Typ 1c fission reactors
Propulsion 25 x FNS HaFuTr Typ 3b fusion engines
122 x FNS HiFuTr Typ 2b auxiliary fusion engines
Acceleration In excess of 40 m/s2
Armament Missile
4 x 16-cell MFLKWuAn Typ 2 medium missile launch systems
12 x 32-cell LLFKWuAn Typ 3 light missile launch systems
4 x TI 400 cm EMStrWa(G) KJ/2103 gamma-ray beam guns (bow-mounted)
24 x TI 150 cm EMStrWa(UV) KJ/2165 ultraviolet beam guns (6 x 4)
48 x TI 80 cm EMStrWa(UV) KJ/2155 ultraviolet beam guns (48 x 1)
48 x TI 30 cm EMStrWa(UV) KJ/2122 ultraviolet beam guns (24 x 2)
Sensors FuZSA Typ 29 search radar
FuFLA Typ 33 fire-control radar
FuFLA Typ 12 fire-control radar
FuNA Typ 99 navigational radar
IRZSA Typ 2 infrared search sensor
Countermeasures EKA 12 electronic warfare suite
4 x TäKöWuAn Typ 17 decoy launchers
Embarked craft 6 x Class 0003 boats

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