Closed Rite: Smith's Wisdom

This Rite allows a sorcerer to understand an object of power, be it a Token, Vestige or other form of supernatural item. The ritual contains the following components:

  • The sorcerer must fast for the duration of the ritual. A point of Ba removes this restriction.
  • The sorcerer must have a prepared elaborate arcane circle or other geometric design around the item to be analyzed. A point of Ren allows an improvised circle to work.
  • The ritual must be performed in complete solitude without intrusion. A point of Sheut allows brief interruptions.

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult

Action: Extended — 5 successes required per dot of the item (Storyteller’s discretion for items without dot values each roll represents four hours of uninterrupted study.

Roll Results

Success: The character scores one or more successes and grows closer to learning the purpose of the item in question. When the Storyteller rules that the appropriate number of successes has been accrued, the character learns the object’s supernatural capabilities. Note, however, that this does not necessarily equate to being able to actually make use of these powers.

Exceptional Success: No additional effect, beyond accruing five or more successes toward uncovering the item’s mystic secrets.

Failure: The character accrues no further successes in his attempt to discern the item’s function and powers, and suffers a –1 die penalty to all subsequent rolls to unravel the object’s secrets. This penalty is cumulative for multiple failures.

Dramatic Failure: The character radically misinterprets the object’s abilities and implicitly believes his assessment to be correct, to the point of being willing to stake his wellbeing or that of his allies on it.