No Pun Inn-tended

The No Pun Inn-tended is a quiet place for writers to gather either in groups or on their own. In exchange for a free drink, patrons are asked to provide a unique pun. These are hand written and placed on the plasteel walls as decoration. Usually puns are exchanged for specially flavored coffees, teas, or other non-alcholic drinks. As alcohol usually inhibits good thinking and writing, while caffeine and other stimulants are said to contribute to creativity.   Inside, you'll find generally small tables with a chair or two and around the walls are deep cushioned lounge chairs, sofas, and other soft seats. Generally one will find writers typing or quietly dictating their words. One wall is glass, and while it has chairs next to it, is rarely taken by anyone who is typing as that can be seen from the outside. However, that area is a favorite haunt of the dictators (as they are known) and will usually be about half full as they face away from the bustle of the street and distractions of passers-by. The drink bar is in the center of the room, an island of potions ready to breathe life into the most blocked of writers.   While the front area is rather unassuming, while decorated with many words, the backroom is where some of the greatest writers hang out. This area is not so much for authors to sit and write (they'll do that at home or in another place), it's a place for them to meet, discuss, throw ideas around for each other, and generally comment on society, culture, and the decline thereof.   The proprietor is a rather stout gentleman, quiet, but willing to give a new author a quick read and comment on a short piece. He also is available as an early reader and editor, for a price of course. The Inn closes early, as stimulants aren't as popular after dinner and they don't serve meals, only light snacks. So, there's always a few hours in the day available for reading.


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