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by Walgab

  Unicorns are creatures of mystique and legend that ooze of rainbows, glitter and pheromones. Even thou they have hold their distance to humanity over the centuries they have had a great impact on human culture. The legends talks about pure magical creatures that only can be tamed by a pure and innocent virgin.   This air of otherworldly purity and magic has gone to the head of the unicorns, and has become an important part of the unicorn identity.   But this self image is far from the truth. Unicorns are far mor complicated and diverse than that, and some are quite frankly assholes. And of course has many subcultures appeared as a reaction to and often rebell against this arcane and stuffy old view of what unicorn society and unicornry is all about, for example the Centaur movement which lead to the Centaur Rebellion and Centaur split from the Horsekin Union in 1009 BC and Charioteers (focused on chariot racing, betting, gambling and great amounts of wine) whose rebellious attitudes and behavior also spilled over to human society and there causing the Nika Riots in 532 AD.   Some more modern examples are and the Bimbo culture (which has become big among humans) and Corner Clobbers (a violent subculture named after that its members use to hang around street corners harassing people and looking for fights.    

by Walgab


Three types of Unicorns

Today the Unicorns are diverted into three groups, Hoofdancers (Equhumanos enakerato tetrapoda), Erectopods (Equhumanos enakerato bipoda) and Shifters (Equhumanos enakerato metamorphosis). Whether this is due to actual genetics, tradition or choice is not known to outsiders. The unicorn society however doesn't seem to make any difference in acceptance and social standing when it comes to the three.  


A Hoofdancer is an unicorn that only has or uses its its equus form (its horse form as humans tend to call it even thou this is a term seldom used by the unicorns themselves and is wieved as degrading and frown upon).  


The Erectopods are the unicorns that only has or uses its bipedal form - its human form. This gives the benefit of easier interaction with other bipedal and erect moving sentient creatures. Like for example humans. Sometimes also the benefits of fingers and opposable thumbs.  


A shifter is an unicorn that shifts between its equus form and bipedal form. Those unicorns that know how and prefers to morph between the two forms tends to acquire the ability in their teens.    

by Walgab

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Unicorns almost always has three names. It is said that an Unicorns three names are their three missing horns. This saying naturally raises the question, did their ancestors had four horn? The saying might also be some BS unicorns have told to nosy humans to be left alone. How it really is, is hard to tell. However the fact that unicorns have three names is true.  

Naming Examples

  • Fancy Dilly Dally
  • Galino Golden Trotter
  • Jelly Rose Bean
  • Lacy Dildo Dream
  • Pink Glitter Storm
  • Sassy Tiny Prancer
  • Shiny Rose Dallas

by Walgab

Major Organizations

Unicorns have in general a rather individualistic mindset, but there are some social structures and organisations worth mentioning.  

Society bearing organisations

The herd

Unicorn society has since dawn of time been based on the heard. Almost every unicorn belongs to a herd wether its one they are born in, by marriage or adoption. The herd can somewhat be compared with the human clan phenomena.

The Gathering of the Leaders

The highest political power in unicorn society wields by The Gathering of the Leaders (also known as T.G.O.T.L, Old mares club (since most herd leaders are old Mares) or simply just The Gathering). Its members are all leader of a heard.   The Gathering of the Leaders sometimes elects an overall leader for all unicorns. This individual does not need to be a member of The Gathering but sometimes are. This Leader of all Heards - L.O.A.H. are usually just a figurehead, but can in times of crisis actually get some influence. If the L.O.A.H. are extremely vane the position could be used to get fame and short-lived glory, but if the position are given to an individual with a hunger for power it is entirely possible to use the position could as a foundation to real power, both political and militarily. Those L.O.A.H:s tend however to be short-lived. The current L.O.A.H. Fancy Dilly Dally is of the vane type.  

The Council of the Elders

The members of The Council of Elders are the oldest and visest of all unicorns. Some are suspected to be so old that they fart dust instead of rainbows. The council are the highest juridical institution in unicorn society. Cases that can't be solved within the herd, cases that involves members of two or more herds and crimes against all unicorn-kind are lifted to The Council of Elders.  

Other organisations

Hooves of Fury

Hooves of Fury logo made by Walgab with objects from Pixabay
Hooves of Fury is some kind of club or gang belonging to the Corner Clubber subculture. Nnot much is known about the organisation, the amount of members or its members in general. This is probably because its gang rules, especially the first and second rule. The first rule of Hooves of Fury is: You do not talk about Hooves of Fury. The second rule of Hooves of Fury is: You do not talk about Hooves of Fury.

by Walgab

Culture and Cultural Heritage

General culture

The unicorn culture revolves largely around knightly ideals and knightly romance with magic, princes and princesses, virgins and monsters and stuff like that. Purity is a common ideal in unicorn culture. They wives themselves as sophisticated, mystical, pure and the crown of Gods (or gods, or goddesses of you so wish) creation. With this point of view is it not that strange that they consider themselves as the leaders of all Horskind (something the Centaurs strongly disagrees on).   Unicorn culture has always been very susceptible to human cultures especially if these somewhat align with existing unicorn culture. Therefore became "the silver screen" and television early on important elements in unicorn culture, but with unicorns generally vane and romantic world view in combination with a genetic problem with separating reality from fiction has resulted in an entirely different idea of what movie and mass media really is.  

Contemporary Subcultures


The Bimbo Movement 

The Bimbo culture is a culture based on the Equestricorn slang word bimbo from the middle 19th century meaning a conventionally attractive, sexualized, naive, and unintelligent mare or stallion. This has the bimbos taken to heart and build their identity and state of mind around.   The bimbo movement has had a great impact on mainstream unicorn culture as well as human culture. Today the main body and influences comes from the human part of the movement.  

Corner Clobbers

Corner Clobbers is a violent subculture named after the behavior and leisure activities of its members, which is to hang around street corners harassing people and looking for fights. The gang or organisation Hooves of Fury are a part and has its roots in the corner clobber culture.  

by Walgab

Common Taboos


  Many humans dreams of one day ride on an unicorn and feel the magic of this noble creature. The number of unicorns that dreams about being ridden (or ride themselves in their bipedal form) are quite a lot lower, but some are into that kind of things.   To let someone ride on ones back demands deep trust (or in some cases lust) in the unicorn for the rider, or a very dire situation with no other solution. This is because the act of being ridden is viewed by unicorns in general as very degrading. There is however one exception to this, and that is if the rider is a pure and innocent virgin. I so it is viewed as something beautiful, pure and fulfilling. Many of the more liberal and openminded unicorns have voiced criticism against this very traditional view. But the critics are divided, some meaning that riding is degrading no matter how pure and how much of a virgin the rider is, while others takes the stance that it should not be considered degrading and everyone has the right to be ridden if they want to without being judged or harassed for it. And those are just the two major fractions when it comes to this topic, but there are several more.    

Relations to horses

Picture by fischikoma2014, frame by William at Pixabay.com
Unicorns relation to horses (Equus ferus), both domesticated and wild are complicated. Some parts of interspicies contacts between the two are a bit of a touchy subject that is not generally talked about in unicorn society, and definitely not with outsiders like humans or at the Sunday dinner with the in-laws. However does these topics very often come up in the bedroom or the stall, since it's viewed as something dirty, kinky and taboo.   From an outside perspective can this seem a bit weird since unicorns are related to horses, and almoust every unicorn has one or two somewhere in their family tree within the latest five generations. This taboo can have something to do with the unhealthy hang up on purity that unicorn culture has in general.

by Walgab

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Narwhals - The brothers from another mother

The Narwhals (Monodon monoceros) are the closest relative to the unicorns among the sapient species. They have close cultural ties and a long common history as friends and allies. There really are a reason narwhals are called The Unicorns of The Sea.      

Humans - It's complicated

Picture of a statue of an unicorn.
Unicorn staue, Salzburg, Austria by Jens Junge
Humans (Homo sapiens stupidus) and unicorns have a complicated relationship. On one hand the unicorns looks down on humanity as a whole, but on the other are they deeply fascinated by and perplexed by the hairless apes. Human culture has have deep impact on its unicorn counterpart. Young unicorns pics quickly up human fashion, subcultures and trends.   Humans are stuck in the traditional unicorn view on the unicorn identity and purpose, and it is impossible to tell what came first. The tradition of the unicorns or the human idea of the unicorns. To humans unicorns are deeply connected to purity, magic, virgins and oddly enough sexuality. In the human mind rainbows, glitter, pastel colors and cupcakes are also an essential part of what unicorns are. Never the less have unicorn culture deeply influenced human society, and still does. Probably more profoundly than humanity are aware of.    

by Walgab


(Equhumanos enakerato tetrapoda)
(Equhumanos enakerato bipoda)
(Equhumanos enakerato metamorphosis)

A young Equhumanos by Andrea Tummons on Unsplash


    Unicorns are magical creatures and can therefore understand, and be understood by those they choose to talk to. However there is one exception to this and that is the ancient unicorn language Equestricorn. This language is by some reason immune to unicorn magic and needs to be learned.    Equestricorn is used when the speakers doesn't want anyone else to understand what the conversation is about. The contexst for this are often  political, juridical or secret.

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