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Anders Sparrman

A Swedish naturalist and an apostle of Carl Linnaeus. Anders Sparrman was also an abolitionist. During his travels in Africa he experienced and witnessed things that made him to take a stance against slavery. After his expedition to West Africa he traveled to London in 1788, where he witnessed about the cruelty of the slavetrade to the British Privy Council and argued for the abolition of slavery.

Of all the deciples of Linnaeus Sparrman is probably the most famous, and defenately the most traveled.


by Walgab


Voyage to China, 1765-67

Travel to Cape of Good Hope, 1772

Voyage with James Cook, 1772-1775

Sparrman joined James Cook’s second voyage in Cape Town as an assistant naturalist to Johann and George Foster. The voyage was a scientific expedition on behalf of the Royal Society, to search for the hypothetical Terra Australis. Anders Sparrman returns to Cape Town after the expedition.

Expedition to the interior of Cape, 1775-1776

An expedition to the Groot-Visrivier (the Great Fish River).

West African expedition, 1787

Marzipanenland expedition, 1798-1799

The Habsburgian colony of Marzipanenland was established at far southern latitude at some small islands with great martzipan deposits in 1796, islands that’s today considered a part of the continent of Bountyland.    
by Walgab

Anders Sparrman

Date of Birth
27th of February
Date of Death
9th of August
1748 1820 72 years old
Tensta, Sweden
Place of Death
Stockholm, Sweden

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