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Jhesavail Stonecrest's Armor

Jhesavail Stonecrest (or Jhes, as she prefers) is a human fighter.   [Pause for vanilla/boring/overplayed commentary... aaaand, moving on.]   Her adventuring story began when she joined the Empire's army, the Silver Legion.* After her initiation and training, Jhes was placed in the Eighth Legion-- an honor somewhat underscored by the fact that her new post would be in the farthest edges of the Empire (the Backwater), one of the most forgotten and neglected parts. I mean, Nine Hells, the journey there took an entire month. A month!   Of course, when she did arrive, nothing was right. At the entrance to the region, her captain was dead, the rest of her new squadron having suffered the same fate or gone missing. The only people she had were the cleric, Therrick Alebrew, who she shared a travel caravan with and a mysterious ranger (no, rogue? Ah, who knows... the emphasis is on mysterious), John Waldron, who happened upon the gruesome scene at the same time. (Can you can see where this is going?)  
And lo! An adventuring party was born!
  New allies in tow, Jhes forayed into this Backwater part of the Empire, where evil was brewing. Together, they discovered dark and intelligent goblinoids, working toward an evil purpose. They uncovered a long-lost, ancient, sentient sword, who deemed them worthy to wield him. They christened themselves The Flamekeepers: adventurers who wished to keep the flame of the Drandalian Empire alight against the coming darkness. And they defeated a heretofore unknown goddess who attempted to take over the Material Plane.   "But this is supposed to be about Jhes' armor!" you may be crying. And you would be right. That is what the title says, after all. Consider all of the above a preamble-- a backstory, if you will. Now, let's get into the meat of this article.  


One aspect of adventuring is that your gear (if non-magical) suffers a lot of wear and tear. Even heavy armor is liable to damage (especially if you have the misfortune to encounter a Rust Monster. Big oof).   Fortunately for Jhes, one of her party members is a Forge Cleric, who is quickly able to make repairs and modifications. What follows is a visual journey of Jhes as she finds her adventuring mettle, helps form the Flamekeepers, and grows into a halfway competent leader (when the dice are feeling magnanimous).  

Silver Legion

Jhes' first set of armor was from the Silver Legion. Every Legion has approximately the same uniform: chainmail, short fur cloak, the symbol of the Silver Legion, and a sash in your Legion's color.*
Jhes in Silver Legion Armor
by Me
Wearing the armor of the Eighth Legion gave young Jhesavail an aspect of authority, something she took some time getting used to as she learned how to wield that power gracefully.   Her armor also came to represent an internal conflict. All her life she wanted to become a Legionnaire. But when her moment came, there was no commanding officer to report to. Now she is a Warden of the Flamekeepers, along with John and Therrick. Can she be both Silver Legion and Flamekeeper at once?  

Silver Legion or Flamekeeper?

After an unfortunate encounter with some Rust Monsters (aha! foreshadowing!) and an offer from her Forge Cleric companion, she had the choice to either refashion herself as a Warden of the Flamekeepers, or to keep the visage of a Legionnaire.   Ultimately, she decided to begin her move away from the army she'd long dreamt of fighting for. She had a new, unexpected opportunity to create something better.  
Jhes in Re-Fashioned Armor
by Me
  Therrick, a clever blacksmith and caring friend, repaired her Legionnaire armor, removing the Silver Legion crest and replacing it with a Flamekeeper symbol. He also gave the metal a slight blue tint, to match her aura. Aww.   Her glaive, unfortunately, was beyond repair after the Rust Monsters had their way. Fortunately, a new ally in the form of a debonair nobleman gifted her one from his forces, the long grip wrapped in his house's wine red color. She also replaced her Legionnaire cloak with a magical Cloak of Protection found while adventuring across the region.  

Warden of the Flamekeepers

This new armor served her well for quite some time after that, and she was proud to represent aspects of herself, her past, and her present. But eventually, her need for even better armor became apparent, as their foes grew stronger and more deadly.   Once again, Therrick came to the rescue, as his skills as Forge Cleric had improved even further. He crafted her a new set of armor, and a new glaive, pieces that were built specifically for her and her role as Warden of the Flamekeepers.  
Warden Stonecrest
by Me
  Therrick used the term "resplendant" to describe what he wanted Jhesavail to be. And in bright, pure platinum armor, decorated with fine metal filigree, and tipped with blue flames, that is exactly what she became.*   Jhesavail, along with Therrick and John, is now more secure in her role as Warden. Geared in her own set of armor, unlike what anyone else in the Empire wears, with thoughtful details for her fighting style, her aura, and her responsibility as Flamekeeper, she has less doubt and uncertainty about her role. And that is the power of a really killer outfit.   There's still an Empire to be saved, after all. Best for her to get to it resplendantly.
How It Started... How It's Going
by Me
Hello and welcome to the sidebar! I've decided to include some fun extra tidbits here about Jhesavail's non-armor outfits. A girl can't always be clanking around, after all.
Jhes, Before Joining The Silver Legion
by Me
This is what Jhes would have worn on a day-to-day basis in her life pre-adventure. She grew up in the Srimm Glades, a swampland in the Empire, in a very small town with her very big family, who sent her off on her new journey after a joyous 17th birthday celebration, where I rolled a Nat 1 Con Check to not get drunk. First roll of the campaign!
  (What? Not all backstories have to be tragic.)
Jhes in Formal Wear
by Me
Sometimes you need to doff your armor and don a nice, lightweight outfit appropriate for getting around town or dining in a nobleman's hall. No skirts here, please-- only pants.
Tarot Card: Strength
by Me
I'm not much of a video gamer, but I did play Dragon Age: Inquisition, and was obsessed with the tarot art. I wanted to create my own version of that with Jhes, which is how this bit of art came to be.
  What I didn't know was, at the same time I was working on this piece, my DM was writing a portentous tarot card reading for us. He ended up using my art as part of his description, which was just... *chef kiss.*
Item type
Let's say you got to this point in my article, and you're, like, really vibing with my character.   First of all: same. I love this gal.   Second of all: I heckin' appreciate you.   As thanks for just caring, I want to share Jhes' Playlist on Spotify. It's something I've kept updated throughout almost the entirety of this campaign. And there's a link in the description to a Playlist Explainer.

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Cover image: by Me


Author's Notes

Oh, uh, hey. Do you like my character? Interested in the world I've (very briefly) described? I am merely a player in a campaign, but I have the wonderful good fortune to be graced by the Absolute Best of Dungeon Masters. The world he's crafted for us over the years (our campaign's 3rd birthday was in April!) is rich, compelling, engaging, dangerous, fun, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat interesting. I know he's toyed with the idea of publishing some content. And if that's something that sounds even a little interesting to you, I'd love for you to say so.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
7 May, 2021 14:24

Nice article! Those are really nice drawings and it's great that you have so many, that really enhances the article and illustrate what you're saying :D And I really like the design of all the armours and the colour scheme :D   I'd like a bit more details about what she is wearing under the armour, and maybe a quick mention of the material of the different components? Also, maybe some more info on how the armours are all different beyond the aesthetic. I'm also curious about the palladium given that it's sooo expensive. Does it have particular properties that justifies its used? How did they came upon it? How people react to seeing that armour?   For your notes, you can use the tooltip tool rather than put them in the sidebar: [ tooltip:put your notes here]what appeared on the page[ /tooltip ] Without the spaces between next to the brackets. That way the text appears when you put your mouse on top of it.

To see what I am up to, see the list of my Summer Camp articles—my favourite is Sentient Cells.
7 May, 2021 14:39

The tooltip is a good suggestion! I wonder if that would be a better way to display my footnotes, too...   As for the Platinum, having a Forge Cleric in the party is AMAZING because he can just... transmute metals into other metals, use the spell Fabricate, and has his Channel Divinity to create some amazing stuff. The purpose of it... no special properties, other than it being Very Bright And Shiny. I was not kidding about his rationale being to make Jhes a spectacle. XD

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
29 May, 2021 12:16

Oh! I hadn't seen the tarot card yet, this is very nice art :D Would that be something that exist "in world" with someone around Jhesavail drawing it or is it only in our world ?:p

To see what I am up to, see the list of my Summer Camp articles—my favourite is Sentient Cells.
9 Jun, 2021 20:36

I like to think that the version with Jhes would exist at SOME point in world! But the version that canonically exists now is just the sphinx and tiefling part of it. XD

8 May, 2021 16:11

Oh I love the art of the different kinds of armor your character used! That last one looks absolutely amazing! The writing style was very light and fun to read as well :) Also nice that you added a bit of backstory to the armor and the character.   Nice use of the sidebar as well. That art in dragon age style really looks like the art used in that game, well done. :)

Feel free to check out my River challenge article and my Secrets in the swamp Adventure article if you want to see what I am up to!
8 May, 2021 19:25

Thank you! The Silver Legion armor was designed collaboratively with my DM, and the Flamekeeper armor was a collaboration with my Forge Cleric companion. Both exercises made the world feel so much more real, which was fun.   I'm glad you had fun reading. To entertain is my aim. :D

8 May, 2021 16:33

Very Nice article!!!, the drawings are very cool and the way you interconnect the story of your character and her evolution with th different armors that she is wearing is a really nice touch!!. I also love the way you write its very amusing!!. Keep on doing such a great work!!, both with the writting and the art.

8 May, 2021 19:27

I'm happy to amuse! :D

11 May, 2021 15:42

I love your art for the progression of her outfit over time. She looks AMAZING in all of them.

Lead Author of Vazdimet.
Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
11 May, 2021 17:10

Thank you! I realized while playing that it was a super important part of her character growth, and I wanted to get it out on paper.

12 May, 2021 07:29

I really like the art! Also that every set of new armour is a different pose!

12 May, 2021 15:44

The poses were very intentional! I'm glad you noticed them. :D   First is her looking forward to her future. Second is proud "I've arrived at my goal!" Third is her looking back, like, "past me would've never seen this twist." Fourth is looking out into the unknown, feet forward.

Gege Escriva
13 May, 2021 04:04

Very nice article! The art is gorgeous and your writing style is very original and fun to read, i like that you "break the fourth wall", talking to the reader when telling the character backstory and how it's linked to the armour and its evolution, is an original way to develop the article. The tarot art on the sidebar is wonderful! Great job!

9 Jun, 2021 20:37

Thank you! I love writing in ways that reach out more literally to the audience. Just makes it more fun and casual. :)

23 May, 2021 23:31

A great article! The world seems interesting already from what I've seen in this article. I really like your style of writing, it really let's your personality shine through!

~TimeBender~ Attempting to become a jack of all trades with a variety of hobbies that interest me!
9 Jun, 2021 20:39

Thank you! The world is not of my creation, but was created by my friend (and Dungeon Master). I am merely a bewildered inhabitant, stumbling around and trying not to break too many things.

9 Jun, 2021 20:46

Well, I'm glad you haven't broken too much then! Congratulations on getting to be part of such a fascinating world. :)

~TimeBender~ Attempting to become a jack of all trades with a variety of hobbies that interest me!
3 Jun, 2021 17:40

I really like the article. I would like to know more about the casual or parade of this armor. I understand that it is for combat, but are there any additions for parade or ceremonies? I would also like to know how the armor is kept clean and strong. I may have missed it, but was there a special forging process for this armor? Great Article either way!

Please check out my article for the Tavern Challenge! The Black Haired Dog!
9 Jun, 2021 20:44

Ooh, those are excellent questions. I have no idea if there is a more "ceremonial" version of the Silver Legion armor. The Flamekeeper armor is definitely built to be both functional and fashionable.   The Silver Legion armor would've been forged en-masse by a blacksmith, since a set is distributed to nearly every Silver Legionnaire in the Empire (which is thousands of soldiers). The Flamekeeper Armor was magically created by a Forge Cleric-- so while he has the training and capability to forge it meticulously create each piece by hand, he was able to do it over the course of a couple hours. Magic!   As for keeping it clean, Jhes learned how to methodically clean and polish her armor during training, which she does *most* nights.... some nights.... when it gets *really* bloody.

Grandmaster ChroniclesofEvalaw
Olarae & Astaroth Arcaine
5 Jun, 2021 00:58

Loved the Article, you’ve got a fantastic character and you made it really entertaining and fun to read along to! :D Great job! And drawings are fantastic, I also really appreciate the crystal chronicles influence shining through on the Silver Legion emblem ;)

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9 Jun, 2021 20:47

I aim to entertain! Glad you enjoyed the read and the art. As for the FF influence, I'll pass that along to the DM, who created the symbol and no doubt will be DELIGHTED that somebody finally caught on (I certainly didn't). XD

Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
6 Jun, 2021 05:44

Great character and article. I like the amount of text you used in between pictures and in the first couple sections with headers. Kept the reading pace quick and easy. Great variety of pictures!

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9 Jun, 2021 20:47

Thank you! I'm easily distracted, so I try to keep things engaging and quick. :)

6 Jun, 2021 21:47

Okay, I need the number of that Cleric, because I want a fancy outfit like that. I like the origin and evolution, also showing character development!   As for "A girl can't always be clanking around, after all", pfff, there's ways to be able to properly sleep in full plate. Just dive into a river every once and a while, then have the cleric dry you out, and all good!

9 Jun, 2021 20:49

It is HILARIOUS to me that you mentioned diving into a river-- because I absolutely did that once in game and nearly died of hypothermia because of some bad dice rolls. XD

9 Jun, 2021 20:57

Heat Metal? XD XD XD