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The Holy City of Perpetua

The Holy City of Perpetua is the religious center of Therimore, and was supposedly the location where the Prime Nine originally gathered when they ascended to the Divine Lagoon. Every year, hundreds of pilgrims make the journey from all over the continent to the nine temples dedicated to Prime Nine and the shrines to the slowly growing number of Offspring. Whenever a historical or mythical figure grows a large enough following to ascend to a certain level of deification, a shrine is added on the Upper Parish where pilgrims and followers can gather to make their offerings and prayers.   The Holy City is nestled snug at the convergence of two large mountain ranges, isolating the city from the rest of the continent. Perpetua itself lies on the side of a mountain, and is divided into two terraced districts. The Upper Parish is where worship is done. It is home to all the temples and shrines, and is also where the priests and rest of the clergy reside. While it is generally agreed upon that the Maiden Mother is the supreme matriarch of Perpetua, a Chief Priestess acts as Her mortal vessel, interpreting Her will for Her fragile children. The Chief Priestess has a Divine Council to advise her on administrative matters, including overseeing the civil matters of the city, the upkeep of the temples, and relations with the other governing bodies on Therimore. The Lower Parish is for the secular, if there exists such a thing in a Holy City. Businesses, markets, inns, and residential areas will be found in the much larger Lower Terrace. The Lower Parish has its own People's Protector, a representative and governor for those not directly involved with the oversight of worship. They are ultimately subservient to the Chief Priestess, but the People's Protector serves as her link to the flock.   In the flat and fertile valley that stretches between the two mountain ranges, vast fields of crops and orchards are grown for both the people as well as offerings to the temples. Farmers live further at the base of the mountain, and work to bring substantial tribute to the many deities.

Alternative Name(s)
The Holy City
Inhabitant Demonym

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