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Broken Freaks: The Jacket Squad

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In this world, ghost, spirits, the fae and some ramdom cryptids exist, at the same time, humans aren´t complitely safe from the weirdness, our "freaks" are people with different powers or "perks" that go from something as simple as having better hearing that anyone else in the world to becoming a freaking human tree trunk, of course, this is a minority, about 5% of the human population and all the supernatural creatures are hidden from humans and are considerated nothing but fairytails and legends, same with all the humans who where "different"... until a man named Silas Taggert who was interested in the paranormal decided to study everything related to those "freaks", it took a decade but he found enough evidence and people with weird characteristics for the goverment to take him seriously, leading to the creation of the L.S.I (Laboratory for Supernatural Investigation) which was of course hidden from the public eye.   After years of investigation and having real interaction with supernatural creatures, the L.S.I decided that some of the subjects could be used as living weapons, creating the A.P.I.P (Agency of Paranormal Investigation and Protection) in the mid 20s, by the time WW2 begun, some test subjects were used as soldiers, after the war ended, all the ally countries had their own L.S.I and A.P.I.P and eventually as things calmed down every country got it´s own and all the subjects and soldiers started to being treated in a more "human" way.   Nowadays, the studies keep going and the A.P.I.P acts more like the regular police, with the difference that instead of dealing with humans, they deal with the world of the paranormal, with stuff like a fae stealing from a wendigo restaurant or a ghost vandalizing property, stuff like that, except for some times when someone wether it be human or not, is causing harm to anything or anyone and it´s paranormal related. That´s where the real agents come into play, the so called "freaks" the ones who´s perks can be used on extremely dangerous missions.   We follow group A_6mt_TJS2 or as they like to call themselves, the Jacket Squad, six agents whith a hight potential and five having an impressive reputation, with number six being David Thomas, a newbie who´s complitely scared and amazed by the stuff he´s about to experience, and Wren Coulson, the "chimera", who´s a little bit of a mistery herself, being a phenomenon even for the world of the paranormal, with them being our two protagonist.

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