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Brocade Nebula

561 Star

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The Brocade Nebula is a place of magic, myth, and wonder. Dimensions of arcane energy layer around it, letting people invoke great powers of life, chaos, energy, and spirit. Grand civilizations dating back thousands of years give it a colorful and brilliant history, while living people shoot across the nebula in beautiful ships, seeking new horizons and bright futures.   But it’s far from perfect. A conflict is growing between the United Planetary Republic, the seat of governance in Brocade, and the new colonies established beyond the homeworld, Sable. Colonies demand representation, while the UPR frets about the consequences of adding new, far-flung states into the republic. To resolve the conflict, both sides agreed to a summit, arbitrated by legendary diplomat Tisiphae Arrera--but three months ago, when Tisphae’s ship arrived to begin negotiations, it exploded, leaving more questions, more arguments, and more pointed fingers behind.   In this time of great conflict, and with war now seemingly inevitable, not all are content to pick sides and battle to the last. The great House of Oroyae, led by the immortal Dinantessa, knows that in times of tension, the real victims are the common folk who don’t have the means or power to defend themselves. And so Oroyae begins to assemble a group who does, with the resources of the House at their disposal and a legacy of heroism behind him.   You will be the members of a team focused on mitigating damage and protecting the most vulnerable from harm. You might be a soldier who took on a suicide mission and lived to tell the tale, a diplomat who entered a war zone and left it in peace again, or a humanitarian who put their life on the line to defend your cause. Whatever your story is, you are a hero, and now you have one goal: to defend innocent bystanders from becoming victims of war