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Vemíngr Bloodsong

Early Years

165 years ago a half-orc child was found in the The Forest of Thorns. It's parents lie dead next to him having been slain by some horrific beast. He was brought to small village in the center of the forest and was adopted by it's tribe. This child was Vemingr.   He grew to adulthood and showed prominence as a great fighter for his tribe. He was a skilled tracker and lead many hunting parties to slay the beasts of the forest.  


Returning from one of these hunts he found his village ravaged by abyssal creatures. This drove him to seek a way to finally put an end to terrors that haunted the forest.   He travelled east beyond the known world, convened with sky priests in the frozen north, made his way west through the Forest of Thorns where he studied with the artificers in The Republic of Menevriath  at the Great Library, and fought many great beasts and ancient terrors.   It was during this time he created Hemocraft, blood magic.  

Uniting the tribes

Upon his return to the orc lands his first attempts at teaching orcs the art of Hemocraft were met with derision. Disregarded due to being a half-orc the orc tribes were slow to accept that anyone had created a new form of magic, much less one from a small isolated tribe. That was until an attack by a swarm of fierce creatures on influential tribe. Vamingr fought the horde using his blood magic and drove the creatures back into the heart of the forest.   Now that he had earned the respect of the tribe he began teach a select group of orcs Hemocraft. He called them Blood Hunters. With time as the ranks of his hunters increased the individual orders of the Blood Hunters were form, each specializing in techniques to slay and run to ground any creatures that threatened orc lands.   With the Blood Hunters by his side he united the tribes. Vemíngr's 70 year rule brought prosperity to the orc tribes and they thrived under his leadership. With the forest cleared of dangers by his Blood Hunters, trade routes began with the other races beyond the forest to the west.  


For reason unknown, Vemingr vanished. His loss was deeply felt amongst orc society and his sudden disappearance caused conspiracy and distrust among the orc tribes.   With his Blood Hunters leaderless the orders went there separate ways, many travelling behind the orc lands to fight creatures beyond the forest. As time went on their numbers dwindled as fewer and fewer members knew how to perform the rites required to make a new Blood Hunter.   The source of the democraft power is remains unknown though many have sought to redisovery this ability on their own.
Aligned Organization
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