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Rorak Orc




Long ago the orcs lived in harmony with nature. Their hardiness helped them survive the The Eledorian Vastwood and the deadly inhabitants within. Even with folks as sturdy and stubborn as the orcs the forest was still a dangerous place and most kept themselves to their tribes for even travelling to another tribe's lands could not be Guaranteed.   The forest was not the only threat the orcs faced. Territorial and quick to anger, the orc tribes would fight amongst themselves. Rarely did they find common cause for long before one offense or another would divide then and tribe would declare war and another.  

Vemíngr Bloodsong

They lived this way for generations until Vemíngr Bloodsong. He sought to fight back against the monstrosities haunting the forest. For years he travelled beyond the known world. He convened with priests and powerful mages and fought great beasts.   Upon his return he brought with him the knowledge of Hemocraft, blood magic. With this new power he united the tribes and formed the Blood Hunters and their Hemocraft orders. Each specialized in technics which aided them in pushing back the terrors which inhabited he forest.   Vemíngr's 70 year rule brought prosperity to the orc tribes and they thrived under his leadership. With the forest cleared of dangers by his Blood Hunters, trade routes began with the other races beyond the forest to the west.  

The High Table

For reason still unknown, Vemíngr suddenly disappeared and with his disappearance the orc tribes had lost their unifying force and the fighting among the tribes began once more.   That was until the High Table was formed. Leaders from the great tribes formed an alliance and through their influence peace was maintained.   For generations they have maintained order throughout the orc tribes and with each generation the orcs push the boundaries of their territories.  


In recent generations the High Table's role has seemingly diminished. Replaced once again by warlords as a once a unified coalition seperated into many smaller tribes. These warlords maintain titles and honoraries as numerous as the tribes. The most powerful of these warlords have started to push their borders further and faster than ever before. They clash constantly with the dwarves as they try to claim the mountain and it's mines for themselves.   Unknown to most is that the High Table still rules over the orc tribes from the shadows. Their true plans kept secrets from all but the those in the company of the inner sanctum.   In the process of maintaining their ongoing war effort they have begun tearing down the forest. The shamans who once worshipped the spirit of the forest as sacred have now found a new source of power in Khuruthn the ancient spirit of wrath.
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