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Mines of Mitraldur

The mines of Mitraldur are the source of mithril. A precious lightweight metal known for it's silvery luster, strength and ability to retain enchantments.   An raiding orc war petty attacked the fortress gaining entrance to the mines. They fought their way deep down into the mines, leaving ruin in their wake. The sounds of war and choas echod into the mountains outside until a moment of erie silence followed screams. The few dwarfs who managed to escape told of their fellows going mad and started killkng each other and that those that died begain to rise.   Ever since the mine has been cursed and the spirits of the dead haunt the mines and and the undead traverse the tunnels. The entrance to the tunnels have been sealed off.   Teams of dwarves have tried to put an end to curse of the mines but all have met the same fate.   Now the fortress around the mines exists to keep any from entering and to lock the threat within.


Alternative Name(s)
Cursed Mines of Khukhan
National Territory
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