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The evolutions of the brightbound. Bestowed, Adroits, Enlightened and the Rationalizers.

The Brightbound is the general term used to describe all casters and caster adjacent individuals. Do to their shared similarities primarily being complete reliance on the bright. The Bright being the global mass of energies which once covered most of the world during the age of blinding radiance also known as the Radiant age. This age marked the eradication of large portions of life on the world, and the changing/introduction of new foreign life onto the planet. Largely preventing habitation by the mortal races due to its negative effects on the forms and psyche's of individuals. In modern times the bright has by far been pushed backed in the old world and more civilized parts of the world. Brightbound are reliant on the bright for several reasons. One primary reason is for the production of chroma. Chroma is a by product of bright exposure created either due to adaption or mutation. Chroma is the fuel source which power the brightbound powers. The bright also holds the powers/threads as well as the combined form that being knots or wild natural weaves. These natural weaves inbed into an individual resulting in the adroit. The other casters create weaves out of the threads that make up the knot or from the bright directly.      The Bestowed: Are individuals who have superhuman gifts/abilities theorized to be granted by the divine before there ascensions. The Bestowed being once the royal servants of the divine. Their abilities are passed down their bloodlines though do to immigration, migration and other such reasons it has been impossible to track down the bloodlines of all the original bestowed. This has led to these abilities to be able to be passed down within the bloodlines of the common people. It is very possible for an individual to have a gift and not know about it. The abilities that are passed down can change largely from offspring. Its unlikely that a child would inherit their parents abilities they are more likely to gain a new one. The families who are known bestowed serve the powerful and wealthy of the old world they are traded about like prizes and valued like trophies. Bestowed are said to have a unique pattern imbedded into there mortal patterns or souls. Though unlike that expressed by casters they are extremely hard to be manipulated and altered. They can also be passed down to offspring.   In modern times rationalizer casters have found a way to create their own Bestowed. They alter an individual and imbed a pattern into the individuals mortal pattern/soul which harmoniously works off there produced chroma. Though not as stable as the divinely created bestowed these individuals have greater utility then a common person and is valued above as such. Their research and experimentation has led to the production of conduits, chroma sniffers and other such gifted individuals. Largely used by the casters as their personal servants and or retainers. Who follow and execute the casters will. These bestowed have less variety and their abilities are not inheritable. Rationalizers largely create them from orphans who they train to serve them and their interests. Rationalizers call them there factotums. Bestowed are forbidden from becoming casters or from using any weaves/patterns or any thing that requires chroma because it is unknown how their abilities will interact objects requiring chroma to express them. Bestowed have a variety of superhuman abilities. Though by in large all bestowed only inherit one ability from their parents. Examples of these abilities are perfect memory, night vision, being immune to charms or other mind altering weaves/patterns etc. Myths and legends have it that bestowed called the rebirthed had many different abilities. Which allowed them to fight by the side of and serve the divine that created them. Though largely considered the romanticization and fictionalization of the normal bestowed.   Adroit: Through misfortune, accident or by choice adroits are born. Created by the powers they are the first casters. Adroits also known as wild casters or the kindled received their powers from what are known as abnormities or knots by modern casters the powers by the adroit, they are natural unstable weaves/patterns. They take hold onto an individuals mortal pattern or soul. This normally occurs near or in areas of high bright accumulation were these natural weaves occur. These knots or natural weaves are like a fire if a fire could jump from kindling to kindling leaving destruction in its wake. The Kindling being a host who carries this power while it feeds or is powered by there chroma. The more the adroit or kindled uses there powers the more the power takes hold expanding ever more. Until one day were the casters overcasts or becomes a beacon where they use to much of there chroma allowing the power to take hold and entirely destroying the casters form. Leaving the power behind which uses the remaining of the adroits chroma waiting to take hold of another. On rare occasions the Adroit is transformed by the power into what is called an Embered. A being who gave into the power who becomes one with it. They are no longer part of the mortal races because they lose their humanity and any empathy they once had. They are powerful beings who seek to feed off of others chroma. To the point of completely draining it killing the victim. Wild life has been documented to be adroits this is one of the main ways the powers travel into civilized areas. Shield Tombs or seclusium tombs are heavily fortified structures which hold powers/knots. Individuals who once sought to become an adroit would be brought into these structures were they would be exposed to the power in hopes it will take hold into their mortal pattern/soul. Over time every adroit is changed by their power their physical forms mutate and take on the aspect of their power and they gain an Adversion(s) or a mental disorder. The first mutation makes the eyes of the adroit glow with their chroma signature. After that their bodies begin to break down and take on the aspect of their power, they are eventually fated to burnout leaving nothing but dust and the power that caused it all. Normally a shield tomb is built around the power allowing future adroit to have parts of it imbed into them. But in most cases they are destroyed by it. These powers are not conscious beings they have no will, no thought, the powers seek a fuel source like a fire and the mortal races chroma burns the brightest and lasts the longest. This way of casting has largely been abandoned for the more humane, efficient and superior art of casting that being weaving. Which instead of being connected to a singular weave, the caster uses the threads that make up the weave to create new ones, granting them greater utility and superior control over the adroit.   The Enlightened: Though not the first individuals or groups to learn the art of weaving Abu Salathah The Sorcerer King and the Seeree Empire and other such individuals and groups, paved the way through there experimentations, research and discoveries leading to the modern understandings in the ways of weaving. They were the first magic users to figure out how to create weaves and patterns. Before these discoveries normally weaves were dangerous and required large amounts of chroma to express/power. The founders of modern casting they discovered many aspects of weaving. ways in which their chroma can attune/control a weave. How to create weaves from the threads of powers gathered from the bright directly or harvested from a knot or wild natural weave. They discovered chroma that all casters have a unique signature allowing them to attune to weaves. They also created a mathematic formula to indicate how much chroma and individual holds in their reserves. Along with many other discoveries and innovations. Unlike adroits who were connected to the powers of wild weaves directly the enlightened and modern casters are not they power and control a weave through the expression and control of their chroma this is done indirectly. Superstition and religious thoughts permutated all those that came before who learned the secrets in the ways of weaving and casting. Their practices are largely inefficient, and dangerous. They created weaves without understanding or even knowing the basics. There discoveries were largely trial and error. Any working weave they produced that didn't immediately killed the user with a backlash or in other ways was passed down from teacher to student or parent to offspring. These weaves almost always were still imprinted with the chroma of their creators this made any passed down weave harder and harder to control and express until they are unusable. The Enlightened changed tradition and learned better methods and ways to create weaves. There knowledge was passed down or discovered by modern casters.   The Rationalizers: Are the modern casters they rid them selves of all superstition, tradition and supernatural beliefs that once captured the study and application of magic. They have turned the study of magic into a scientific pursuit one that values systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses. This change in practices has led to the innovation and development of modern casting methods and the manufacturing of many new technologies leading to the development of the modern world. They have learned to industrialize weave and pattern creation and learned methods to expand there chroma reserves, with the use of mutagens and the artificial expansion of there mortal patterns/souls and through the use of technologies such as chroma immures. They believe that one day they will discover every aspect of casting and learn all of its secrets and with these discoveries the world will be brought into an enlightened age. Though both the enlightened and modern casters don't burnout or become an Embered they still face mutation and the likely hood of development of an adversion because of exposure to the bright.

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