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Brightbound the world of Essiothas

The Year of Innovations 773 ADA.

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Aww hello traveler. Through the conjunction of realms of worlds you find your self here. What has brought you to these lands did your curiosity guide you. Was it your sense of wonder and exploration. Do you seek something new and interesting. Shh. I bid you rest the traversal of the paths is no easy feat. The Warrens take a toll on even the strongest of us. Rest and i will tell you of the world you find yourself in. You will need your strength if you desire to delve deeper. Its a World Bathed in the ever present radiance of change, in the light of rebirth. An Old world made new with the introduction of new power...

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Essiothas a world rebirthed in the fires of change.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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