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The wheel of time spins on. mercy to justice, justice to revenge, revenge to malice, malice to oppression, oppression to uprising, uprising to chaos, chaos to pity. pity to mercy. Nothing ever changes, because everything must change.   This is a tale of honor and chaos. A tale of nobility and anarchy, chivalry and revenge, a tale of the roar of laughter among the rumble of thunder and the shedding of tears in the sprinkling of rain. A tale of seven souls that stood rough and resolute above all else much like a city that once stood up from the sea. Figures standing tall above the sea of Volius as the water waged war with the sand below.   Brialleium is a fantasy world set in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.   Our party consists of Harry H. Humphrey (Halfling rogue), Niavera (Half-orc ranger), Darwin Dragontooth (Dragonborn Barbarian), Orisk (Dwarf fighter), and Evan Mysterian (Half-elf druid).   Honor Clan Chaos is a campaign that wrestles with the ideas of family ties, the difference between law and good, chaos and evil.