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Basic Information


Almost exactly like a house cat but with wings. The wings are formed like those of a bat yet they are covered in feathers. They make for very stealthy creatures

Genetics and Reproduction

Will mate with both Tressyms and non airborne felines

Growth Rate & Stages

Have a similar growth rate to that of a typical cat except that they stay with their mother for slightly longer because their wings start to grow in rapidly at about 8 weeks old.

Ecology and Habitats

Mainly found in mountainous areas and are commonly found close to strong sources of magic

Dietary Needs and Habits

has normal carnivores diet but also enjoys fruits.

Additional Information

Social Structure

A Tressym is a nomadic creature but when it forms a bond it proves to be a very loyal companion


If a Tressym appears to be domesticated it is only because it chooses to be that way

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Has been seen in the presence of royals, used to make sure no one poisons them.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Mainly in the north west/east regions but can be found all over

Average Intelligence

Highly intellegent

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They see in the dark and they have infra vision. It is said they can even see invisible beings. They also have the ability through taste, touch, or scent to detect poisons.

20 years
Conservation Status
Not under any conservation but are a rare species
Average Height
about a foot tall on all fours
Average Weight
20 lbs
Average Length
2 feet, wingspan of 3
Average Physique
Slender and fit
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Wide variations in their colors and markings

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