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The Keyes of the Veil

A series of islands that house and train the wizards of Brexeamar. The islands are magically enchanted to float in the sky, hidden away from inhabitants of the world. There is a shipwreck off the northeastern coast of Kanaedia where an old man lives; this old man is a powerful wizard that will open the door to the islands and allow in other wizards and magic users that present their writ of passage. All schools of wizardry - except for Mechamancy - are taught in these islands. Most of the wizards taught here are relatively young, some as young as 12, with others being older than 100. The teachers here do their best to instill in all of their students that their magical talents should be kept hidden from the rest of the world. While most wizards agree, there are some that would love nothing more than to see the world bend at their will. The wizards that want to keep their powers hidden try to stop the power hungry ones in secret so as not to draw attention to themselves or the other. They are usually successful but there have been instances where they weren’t and a wondrous magically battle was fought (they do their best to “adjust” memories or convince others it was rogue sorcerers dueling it out) Most, but not all, of the wizards of the world live in the Keys of the Veil. The ones that don’t usually live in magically camouflaged towers in the wilds of the Brexeamar.

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