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Lycidas Moonwhistler and Dido

Lycidas Moonwhistler (a.k.a. The Goods Boy, The Ware Wolf)

A well known Shifter merchant that travels all of Brexeamar. He goes by many names such as Ware Wolf, or The Goods Boy. He guarantees that no one else can fetch as a good a price as he can on anything. He is also known to “dig up” many intriguing magic items. You can also count on him to have dirt on just about everything, though he won’t spill unless you give him a “treat”. He is very friendly but if provoked, he will bite (it is unknown whether his bark is worse than his bite). He travels with his pet Wolf, Dido. As he is the Ware Wolf, Dido is the Where Wolf; she was a trained war hound and can easily navigate around any obstacles that may appear in Lycidas’s way. She also sometimes chooses where they travel next because Lycidas doesn’t want Dido to feel like his slave; she is an equal to him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is covered in black fur, and has many characteristics of a wolf.

True Nuetral
One eye is brown, the other is blue. His eyes are always wondering, rarely fixed on a single thing. Dido's are both blue.
black fur-like hair all over his body
120 lbs
Known Languages
Seems to speak almost every known language.

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