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Session 4: Exploring Kutol

General Summary

The party arrived at the castle and talked with the guard to be let in. After navigating around some corridors they get to the room the nobleman from Clorough is at. They negotiate a bit and come to a final reward of 500 gold pieces (which the king will refuse later since it's an absurd amount). However the nobleman can only pay out 200 gold pieces now and gives them a note allowing them an audience with the king. They are then informed about the adventurer's guild and how they should go there with a different note.   They do so and once they arrive they are explained the inner workings of the guild and become members, getting their first assignment to start The artifact hunt. Before they leave however they decide to go towards the castle to have the audience with King Raja Penggaris.
Report Date
27 Nov 2021
Primary Location

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