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A world recovering from cataclysm. The collision of two of the planets moons spiraled the planet into a brief ice age.   The people of this planet managed to subvert death by working with the mage organizations in place to evacuate for the duration or some managed to eek out a living with the assistance of druids and migrating to the warmer places of the world. Those evacuated traveled to a distant planet where time passed differently 40 days they spent on Vellena and after returning on the 40th day 40 years had passed on Brellin.   The citizens returned to their towns and attempted to recover what form of life they had. The power structures had broken down, some surfs refused to be subjugated by their old lords while others just wished to continue their old way of life. The previous continent spanning empire collapsed as they were forced to attempt to re-distribute their power just to force some semblance of order back into the society.   The few cities that stayed changed greatly after the calamity while to longer lived races this was but a small portion of their lives a full generation of humans in those civilizations new nothing but toil and cold.   The power gap caused by the sudden collapse of the previous empire caused multiple new countries to form as they all vie for power.   Beneath the surface dark forces swirl as some seek to bathe the world in chaos and others just wish to rule it. Forces struggle back and forth in a landscape trying to recover from a recent calamity.

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