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Some sort of vampire creature

There are 3 species of vampire. [may expand later] Their appearance can be summed up as insect or worm-like While they cannot turn humans or other animals they have been known to carry a deadly disease (blight?). It is believed the Goddess of Diseases (no name yet) created them from a small degenerate cult of necromancers who drank blood during rituals. She wanted her own followers and molded them into these creatures and let them keep their blood-drinking while being able to pass disease.

Basic Information


    • Mosquito: they display a human face with six limbs (2 are arms) and a large thorax to store blood. The face despite looking nearly human, it contains a needle-like appendage that retracts into their mouth behind the alveolar ridge. At maturity, the females on average are at full human height and the males are about half. Their natural predators being the humans who only wish to wipe them out and a race of an arachnid species who also feed on blood, but instead, hunt them over the humans and other animals [most likely started for pure sport]
  • Leech: mostly aquatic - they are the smallest of the vampires and are less intelligent than their "cousins". Their mouth holds a special tooth that cuts the skin and feeds from there. Humans also find them to be a massive pest and are hunted regularly. They remain in most freshwater areas. They have been documented to prey on each other at times of low food availability.
  • Genetics and Reproduction

      • The mosquito-types┬átend to live in swampy to grassy areas with tons of water nearby for breeding.
  • They cannot turns humans

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