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Not sure what to write fully about this world. Still brainstorming.
What Has Been Made
  • Multiple countries (with possible major conflict) on two continents
  Currently Making
  • more continents with different cultures/countries and biomes - will later be put together in a full map
  • Multiple political systems
  • landmarks in countries
  • names for forests, lakes, mountains, etc.
  • advanced culture aspects
  • beliefs (creation stories), religion(s), local stories, etc.
  • advanced plot
  I intend to have fantastical settings with heavy influence on duality for magics, people, and lore. Creatures will be based from multiple myths. Soon I will have a name for this world and eventually have a place for it either by a game, comic, or novel. Maybe all of them. So I only have multiple plot ideas for this world. I may be working out of order, but all the bases will be covered in time and this section will be redone with a clean and concise description.
Please bare with me as I am not good at making names. Or more or less makes me nervous   For those who want to know about what map site I use, here you go: (Fantasy Map Generator)

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