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The Floq

Combative Democracy

Like a wrapping of gauze around a seeping wound, The Floq has been the solution for the consistent bickering between the varied collection of independent Rogbo tribes. Called into action when an internal issue grows beyond the scope of a single clan, The Floq seeks resolution with as little bloodshed as possible.  


Among the earliest sophonts to inhabit The After, Rogbo are bird-like creatures whose wings more closely resemble that of a cloak. Vibrantly colored, when viewing these spirits at a distance it's easy to mistake them for flickering flames.

all voices heard
all intentions tested
— Mantra of The Floq

  Combative by nature, discussion and resolution of an issue is like suffering through a disharmonious symphony of chittering avians, where the loudest voice is often the one to be heard. Unlike a traditional democracy, the will to push an agenda is considered more important than the number of individuals interested in doing so.
  When a matter escapes resolution by words alone, voices of The Floq will harmonize to call for a Trial by Flume. The act of combative democracy, where the intentions of those involved in debate transcend words and become action. Lines are drawn, sides are chosen, and judgement commences. In a literal trial by fire, the barbed tongue is traded for a blazing explosion, erupting into a gladiatorial contest where the last one standing is declared the victor.    

History - The First Floq

Long before your manifestation, the tribes of old nearly wiped themselves out and almost took all of existence with them.
  The fighting was so intense, it has irreparably damaged the landscape.
  Not that I would expect anyone outside of the tribes to know such fables.
— Carvling Elder
Life within The After can occasionally be chaotic, but nothing compares to the destructive violence which arose during the appearance of the Sophonts, the first spirits capable of intelligent organization.   Embattled tribes of Rogbo would frequently skirmish to secure territory and the vitally necessary essence of æther. In a period when both became increasingly scarce, tempers erupted into a calamitous event simply remembered as The Shattering.  

The Shattering

In the wake of world splintering carnage, the tattered remains of the tribes really only had two diverging courses of action; to put out the fires, or finish what they started. On brink of true finality, a Rogbo named Chroma brokered a cease in the violence. Weaving together the frayed remnants of the tribes, Chroma bound the last of the Rogbo into one unified collective, the First Floq.    

I no longer exist.
It shall be us,
or it shall be nothing.
— Chroma the 1st Vy'Frayer

Structure - A Council of Wills

Unlike a traditional democracy, where the initiatives with the most support are what wins, the strength of passion will often warrant greater merit. Overseen by a tribeless judge known as the Vy'Frayer, this honored spirit serves as the impartial voice in defense of the interest for all Rogbo-kind.  

Answering the Call

Acting as the quasi embodiment for the will of the entire Floq, the Vy'Frayer is connected to the Bræd of all tribe members. Due to this connection, those within the network can instinctually find their way to the place of judgment. A valuable trait, as most meetings seldom occur in the same place more than once.  


Powerful spirits capable of manipulating the Bræd to fantastical effects. Using æther as a catalyst, Rogbo will ignite this latent energy to shower their adversaries in flame.
Revered as an incredibly strong Locus, the Vy'Frayer is capable of destructive action beyond the means of a single Rogbo. Having access to the æther stored within the entire networked Bræd of the tribes, the Vy'Frayer enforces the sanctity of the trials and ensures the judgments are carried out accordingly.


Among Pillars of Zloy

The Floq will meet high above the plains of the surrounding landscape, nesting with those of the same tribe of similar ideology. As tribes arrive to the nexus of council they'll often collect into separate camps upon large crags and pillars of stone, trademark attributes of the Zloylands.  

Then the shouting begins

  Valuing personal liberties, Rogbo don't often agree about the correct course of action. It's not uncommon for tribes to splinter due to disagreements in leadership. This mentality tends to carry into the debates themselves as discussion quickly escalate into displays of who can yell the loudest, before exploding into eager calls for a Trial by Flume.

Trial by Flume

When words fail a trial will be called to settle disputes between two or more opposing Rogbo tribes; locus from their respective clans take to the field to compete in heated debate, in quite the literal sense.   To those outside the culture of the Floq, the trial appears as a duel of flames. Gusts of fire trading from pillar to pillar, a horrific display of raw power. To the initiated, it's a contest of conviction. A debate given physical form. Harsh, vile, and empty words traded for pure action and raw conviction.   Believing the strongest will is directly correlated with the most justified course of action, as little as a single individual may attempt to make their case in defiance of an entire host of tribes. Utterly eclipsed by opposition, solo success during a Trial by Flume will be difficult, but not impossible. Should this single Rogbo prove victorious, their intentions shall be deemed the best course of action and shall steer the fates of the collective Floq.


Trials by Fire

Normally initiated between two collections of tribes, opposing contenders will take position upon parallel towers within the regions of the Zloylands. When every member of the perspective tribes have taken their positions or cast their lot, the trial begins.   Accessing the energy stored within their tribe's Bræd, the locii participating will draw æther to them. Like oversized candles, this excess of power becomes immediately apparent as the towers upon which they perch ignite in flames. Within seconds, quick bursts of this heat are traded from pillar to pillar. The stillness of the air broken with the shattering of rock and the warcries of Rogbo.   The objective is simple, remove your opponent from their pillar. Managing to blast the opposing side from their perch, forcing them to flee, or incapacitating them entirely will net a victory for the last tribe member standing. By the act of winning their trial, any matters at hand will cede to the victorious party.  

Role of a Locus

Impromptu leaders of an adopted tribe, a Locus serves as the embodiment for those they represent. Capable of channeling their tribe's æther through a communal Bræd, Locus manifest this raw energy into gusts of flame during periods of a trial or under necessity of self defense.


Three Objectives of Trial

  1. Remove your opponent from their pillar - A weak footing shows a weak foundation of character
  2. Force your opponent to flee - One so quickly to abandon their ideals is not to be trusted
  3. Incapcitate your opponent - Those of strongest convictions will be willing to live and die by their creed

all voices heard
all intentions tested

Political, Federation
Power Structure

Common Tribes

While a large number of various tribes exist, the most frequently represented tribes in trials tend to hail from one of the following clans:
Chroma’s Veiled - The oldest of the Rogbo tribes, the children of the veil are attributed as the original founders of The Floq. The self-proclaimed cultural protectors of Rogbo-kind, the veiled often make every attempt to avoid and prevent the infringment of outside influences.
Conservative | Stewardly | Isolationist
Flame Eaters - Among the scrappiest members of The Floq, while well meaning they'll never turn away from a fight. Which is unfortunate as they're often getting themselves wrapped in confrontations with their direct approach to the truth.
Scrappy | Honorable | Wild
Carvling FLAG
Carvlings - Often considered the meekest of the Rogbo tribes, Carvlings are most interested in the preservation of information and the collection of trinkets. The locus of their tribe have learned to hone their flames into refined points. Using it as a cutting tool, they’ll carve runic text upon walls and tomes.
Clever | Diplomatic | Snobby

WorldAnvil Challenge

Challenge Page: The Alliance Challenge
Date: September, 2020

Interactive Trial

The shouting echoes through the canyon of stone pillars, tempers are flaring up between members of the Flame Eaters and Chroma's Veil.
  At the protest of Chroma's Veiled, groups of Flame Eaters have been openly operating as mercenary detachments engaged in raiding.   The Vy'Frayer has stepped forward and motioned to call for a flume, locii have already begun collecting together.   Should you connect to the Bræd of either tribe, your support may be just enough to effect the final result.

Support the
Chroma's Veiled

"Actions have reactions"   "Your heedless pursuit of combat looks poorly on the rest of us, you're going to get other tribes blamed for your brash operations!"   "If this continues we'll all be dragged into the fires of war!"   "Have some sense young ones, no good can come from the meddling in the business of the low-sophonts" SUPPORT THE

Chroma's Veiled
is Victorious

Skillfully redirecting the bursts of fire back into the base of the pillar, the foundation cracks and sends the entire tribe of Flame-Eaters tumbling. The Veiled are victorious.   Messengers have already been dispatched with notices of mercenary contractual termination.   While unhappy with the results of the trial, the Flame-Eaters have agreed to travel and train alongside the Veil. Clearly there is still much to learn from these old birds.

Support the

"To fight is to live!"   "We can't sit idle while the world continues to flow. Your fear of battle is what will make you ill-prepared the day it falls into your nest"   "This is none of your business, do you not value our individualistic intentions?"   "We only wish to become strong to protect the other tribes should war come!" SUPPORT THE

are Victorious

The cries of the Flame-Eaters echo through the valley as their last opponent is expelled from their pillar with a final massive blast.   Any outstanding contracts will continue, and the Flame Eaters will not be blocked from any new contracts for a least another three cycles.   Clearly the Veiled have underestimated the value of this experience and have agreed to support the Flame-Eaters with stores of æther while also dealing with any clerical work.


Is any of the content here unclear? Might I suggest reading the Bræd Primer article to give you a better idea of the context surrounding it. Think of it as a nice hub-world for all of the adventures yet to come!



Author's Notes

  1. Unsplash images provided by Robyne Hu, Vijay Varma, Joel Tasche, and Sumit Saharkar
  2. game-icons provided by Lorc

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Membership in any given tribe is never compulsory, you're free to leave a tribe at any time and welcome to join another as long as they are willing to accept you. Whenever a Floq is called, an individual and smaller group of Rogbo will occasionally find a larger tribe which closely align with their personal values and join with them for as long as those values hold firm.   When tribes encounter a new manifested Rogbo, they'll temporarily adopt them into their tribe, teach them about their new state of existence, and share with them the knowledge of survival. Generally following their first Floq, these damp Rogbo will transfer to a new tribe with which they better align.   Rogbo definitely exist outside The Floq, it's not uncommon to see Rogbo run solo among other cultures by either choice or otherwise via banishment. The Floq and its leadership can be fairly xenophobic of other sophonts so to see any of the others during a trial is blasphemous, and that's putting it lightly.

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