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Borenlinx is a harsh world, one filled with darkness as it is filled with light, if not more so. built upon a ball of flesh flesh of an eldritch god this world is filled with as much whimsy as it is terror and death. From the very ancient mega fauna and flora and the skyscraper high trees this world is filled with interesting but still very young and always developing life and conflict. The continent of Kalthorin is one of many places in this world that has become subject to the ever developing world and its conflict. Enter the Kartonians, a race of giants born from the core itself. Though very infantile and unintelligent over time develop in quite a brutal and xenophobic society, but also one of the most powerful. Over generations they would reach the surface world and encounter the inhabitants of Kalthorin and would quickly come to rule over them and become the dominant ruling race of the continent for a time. However, infighting between a specific caste of the race lead to a rebellion, which sparked a hundred year war that nearly brought the Kartonians to near extinction. After the war a time of peace came and the nations and races slowly rebuilt their kingdoms that was lost in the war, but not all was well. Dark forces from the war still loom, and were keen on seeking revenge.