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Bor Dare

9/3/4018 SE

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  In the beginning, Alder used his Soul to create Allands. It was a paradise on which the creatures he birthed could thrive. His favorite creatures were the intelligent and resourceful humans. In time, Alder would make himself known to them, and the humans would begin to worship him. Eventually, the humans created their first civilization, the first kingdom. They named it Alamore, and themselves the Alamen.   For centuries, the Alamen lived in peace. It was a time of great prosperity. Multiple groups of Alamen evolved into new species through a variety of means. Arkamen are Alamen who chose to worship Arkus, Alder's aspect of magic, and began to be born with runic lines decorating their skin so they could more easily channel magic. Allori evolved to be more intelligent than Alamen, as well as more beautiful and sexual. Alanar were slightly stronger and taller than Alamen. These races coexisted with each until the fall of Alamore.   What caused the once grand kingdom to fall into ruin is shrouded in mystery. All that is known is that the World Soul of Allands, Alder's Soul, was split into multiple shards and scattered across the world, leaving the one shard to remain in Alamore, the Heart of Alamore, to be corrupted.   The races left Alamore. They migrated across the globe, and evolved as they went. And where they went, new civilizations rose. In the North, the Alanar grew taller, becoming Jotnar. In the South, the Allori embraced their sexual natures, evolving in many diverse races such as the Dasori and Ilari. The Alamen and Arkamen that went East and West found lands very high in magic concentration, where kingdoms such Konora would one day rise.

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