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Superstition Season One is the introductory season of the series. Roe first learns about the supernatural world and has to learn how to survive its dangers and secrets.   Travelling together with the alleged witch Sydero, the young hacker Bradley, optionally their friend Chris, and a shady spirit stuck in their head, also creates opportunity to form strong bonds with other people.  

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These are the guides currently available or work-in-progress for Season One.  

Approval & Romance Guides

Every main character of Season One has their own guide page which lists opportunities to gain and lose approval and romance points.   There are two characters with whom you can gather romance points in this season - Sydero and Chris. Three more romance options are introduced in Season Two. You will only be locked in the romances come Season Three.   Superstition features a friendmance/rivalmance system. This means that it does not matter whether you have high approval (friendship) with a character or low approval (rivalry) with a character if you want to romance them. The tone of the relationship between Roe and the other characters will change depending on friend-path/rival-path, but romance is possible either way.   Choices which lead to gaining/losing approval points for various characters at once will always indicate which characters are affected by mentioning them by the first letter of their name.   Example:   [[Choice 1]] +5 C, -5 S
[[Choice 2]] +5 S, -3 B   In this example, the first choice leads to gaining +5 points with Chris but losing -5 points with Sydero. The second choice yields +5 points with Sydero but you lose -3 points with Bradley.   Romantic choices will be marked twofold: Both with [<3] in front of the choice, and then [CR]/[SR] after the choice (for Chris Romance and Sydero Romance respectively).  

Skill Guides

There are various skills you can increase. The guide will list all opportunities where you can raise a skill.   These are the skills in question:
  • Athleticism
  • Charisma
  • Combat
  • Creativity
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Perception
  • Technology
  Unlockable skills:
  • Bartending
  • Bladewielding
  • Exorcism
  • Gunwielding
  • Supernatural

Personality Guide

You cannot see the personality stats of Roe in the sidebar of the game, but some dialogue may change depending on how high or low your stats are.   These are the personality stats in this game:
  • Nerve
  • Honesty (low: Deceit)
  • Daring (low: Cautious)
  • Optimistic (low: Pessimistic)
  • Stubborn (low: Reasonable)
  • Sympathy (low: Disdain)
  • Pacifist (low: Violent)
  • Serious (low: Comical)

Flings Guide

A guide to the two possible one night stands you can have in this season.
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Approval/Romance Guide
Skill Guide
Personality Guide
Flings Guide

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