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"You don’t know what you are, and you have a malevolent spirit inside of you. In simple terms, I don’t trust you. Prove me wrong." - Rahim to Roe
  Approval starts with a value of 30.   Rahim is Sydero’s professional and more level-headed twin brother. Some might say he’s got a stick up his ass, others will melt away under his blue eyes and heavenly hugs, as well as appreciating his professionalism. Or start to detest said professionalism when he decides to distance himself again.  

Episode Two: What Goes Bump in the Night

When you first meet him, you can ask him a couple of questions. Most of these options don’t change a thing, but one is a flirt option.
<3 [["Are you single?"]] +1 RR

After some more talking:
[["Does family mean nothing to you?"]] -5
[["Have you heard anything about a prophecy?"]] +2
[["You don’t know her like we do."]] -3

Rahim asks about Zillah.
[["I didn’t even know it was possible."]] +-0
[["I don’t care, do you know how to separate us, though?"]] +3 R, -3 Z
[["No, but I’d rather you not."]] -3 R, +3 Z

Rahim gives you a hunt.
[["You don’t care about us succeeding?"]] +-0
[["Is this a team grade?"]] +-0
[["Whatever will make this go by faster."]] -3

Follow up.
[[Roll my eyes.]] -3
[["Can you let us breathe?"]] -5
[["Rahim’s right."]] +3

Rahim wants to judge you. Depending on whether you manage to impress him or not, you will yield +2 or -2 at the end of the hunt. You will need to do at least four of the following:
  1. Your first action in town should be to [[Do some research.]]
  2. When you meet up with the locals, choose either of the options that indicate you have a [[brother]] in town.
  3. When meeting up with the sheriff: [[I’ll take the lead.]]
  4. When you have to tell the sheriff from which newspaper you are: [[Virginia Daily]]. You lose one “Rahim impressed” point if you enter the wrong answer.
  5. Question Rahim whether he would [[send us on a non-supernatural hunt]]
  6. When your group doesn’t know how to continue, [[You can do it.]]
  7. If you go with Rahim to the bar [[You’re right, let’s focus.]] (<3 insisting on the drinking game however lets you get up to +2 RR points)

You will accompany Rahim to a bar for reconnaissance later. If you have Chris in your group, you can instead choose to gather information on a college party with Chris. For more romance points with Rahim, choose to go with him to the bar.
In the bar, convince Rahim to play a drinking game with you. You can get +1 or +2 RR out of this. To do this, ask him the following questions:
  1. First Round: [[“…been in a threesome.”]]
  2. Second Round: [[“Never have I ever faked an orgasm.”]]
  3. <3 Third Round: [[“…fallen in love at first sight.”]]
DO NOT choose the “I love you” option, that ends this without getting a single RR point.
You will get +2 RR if you choose both the threesome and orgasm question. You get +1 RR if you choose only one. If you chose neither, then you get no points when choosing the “fallen in love” option.

There’s a wonderful plan how to summon your hunt’s target.
(if Chris):
[["This plan is sound."]] -2 C, +2 R
[["I agree with Chris."]] +3 C, -3 B
[["If only you could be bait, Chris."]] -3 C
[["You got a better idea?"]] +-0
(if no Chris)
[["That right there, faults."]] -2 B
[["What about the neighborhood watch?"]] +-0
[["Are you sure Bradley?"]] +2 B
(either case)
[["We shouldn't even be here!"]] -3 C, -5 R, +5 B

Episode Three: Chicago Rogue

Rahim confronts you at the beginning of the episode.
[["I can say the same."]] +3
[["Yea, whatever."]] -3
<3 [["That’s the first thing I want to do," I say with a teasing smirk.]] -3 R, +1 RR
<3 [["Yes, sir," I say breathless.]] +3 R, +1 RR

Rahim covers for the costs of an actual hotel and a shopping trip. This choice only comes up if Chris is not with the group.
[["How much am I going to owe you?"]] +3
[["How much money do you have?"]] -5
[["Just know that I don't owe you shit."]] -5
<3 [["You can spoil me any day."]] +1 RR

When preparing for the club night, you can choose that you want to impress someone.
<3 Chris [["A guy you know as Chris."]] | [["This one guy ..."]] +1 CR
<3 Rahim [["Rahim, actually."]] +1 RR
<3 Sydero [["Heh, if only Sydero was here."]] +1 SR
[["Yes, everybody."]]
[["Naw, no one."]]

You’re in the night club and Leona tells you to wait an hour.
[["You two were extremely friendly."]] -3
[["An hour, are you serious?"]] +3
[["Does this mean we can explore?"]] -2

You are free to join Rahim, Leona, or Chris if he is present, or just party hard. If you join Rahim, you will meet Amarante.
[[Nudge Rahim playfully.]] -3
[[Ask Amarante what her species is.]] +3
(if interested in men) [[Glare at that hand.]] +-0

Next reaction:
[["Oh, get a room."]] -2
[[Ask how much time is left.]] +-0
(if interested in men) [[Just go. (Trigger Warning: Sexual Harassment)]] +-0

You will learn new details about what you have to do in Chicago.
[["The hell, I didn’t sign up for this."]] -3
[["We now have to seriously hunt someone?"]] +-0

If Chris: The next day, Rahim sends you on a trip with Chris. If your romance stat with Chris is at least 5, you’ll be on a break by now.
[["And Bradley can’t take one of us instead?"]] -3
[["Alright, fine."]] +3

You can prepare yourself on your way to Leona.
[[Look over the files.]] +2 R
[[Just watch the city go by.]] +-0
(if Chris) [[Talk with Chris about a game plan.]] +3 C

After your meeting with Leona, Amarante will want to help as well.
[["I’m not letting her touch me."]] -5
[["Will it hurt?"]]

In preparation for the hunt, you head back to the hotel.
[["What happened between the two of you?"]] +3
[["We’ll drag her right back out then."]] -2 R, +1 proSyd
[["Eh, I wouldn’t really care."]] +2 R, -1 proSyd
<3 [["I can’t imagine seeing you and being mad."]] +1 RR

After hunting the hybrid, you may get the choice how to deal with a main figure of Chicago's supernatural world
However, to get to this choice, you have to take Zillah's deal earlier in this episode. If you do not take the deal, Roe will fall unconscious instead.
[["We won’t expose Roland."]] +5 B, +5 C, -5 A, -5 R
[["We’re exposing Roland."]] -5 B, -5 C, +5 A, +5 R

Episode Four: The Vulnerable Five

Meet three of the Princes of Hell.
[["Sydero? How is she?"]] +3 B, -3 R, +1 proSyd
[["I’m going to make you pay."]] +3 C, -3 A
[["What do you want?"]] -3 B, +3 A
[["Let them go, now."]] +-0
[["I don’t care."]] +3 R, -3 C

Tell them who has the map?
[[Tell them.]] +3 R, +3 A, -3 B
[[Refuse.]] -3 R, -3 A, +3 B

This only happens if Chris is in the group. What do you have to say about Chris?
[["Chris is my friend."]] +3 C
[["He’s learning, you can’t fault him for that."]] -3 C, -2 R, +3 A
(if ChrisRo at least 3) [["He’s vital to this team."]] +5 C, +3 A, -3 B
[["The demon has a point."]] -5 C, -3 A, +3 B
[[Refuse to answer.]] -2 C, +3 R

Who do you run towards?
[[The door.]] +2 R
[[Bradley.]] +2 B
(if Chris) [[Chris.]] +3|-3 C

Is this really still the right course of action?
[["What about Syd?"]] -3
[["I’m getting my revenge."]] -3
[["Maybe you’re right."]] +3

Amari feels cornered by Rahim asking questions she doesn’t wish to think about.
[["That’s one way to get out of answering."]] +2 R
[["Seriously, Rahim?"]] -2 R
[["Is she trying to drown herself?"]] +-0
<3 Amari [["Did you see that body?"]] +1 AR

This will happen later at Lucia’s hut when Rahim rejoins you.
(if proSyd >=3) [[Attack him.]] -10
[["I’ll question you if I want."]] +-0
[["You’re right, sorry."]] +-0
[[Walk inside.]] +- 0

Episode Five: The Banishing

In Faye's house, after refreshing themselves a bit, Roe walks into the kitchen where they are first met with Rahim.
[[Greet him.]] +3
[[Walk past him.]] +-0
[[Berate him.]] -3

Soon afterwards, the group is discussing the nature of shades. If Roe has either at least 10 in Supernatural OR at least 5 in Exorcism, they get an automatic +3 with Rahim.

The discussion continues, leading to concern that Roe being unstable might end up killing them in the process of exorcising Zillah.
[["I’m not unstable."]] -3 R, +3 A
[["Okay, I get your point."]] +-0
[["You’re going to heaven?"]] (-3 Serious)

Do you want to know the full extent of this procedure?
[["I want to know."]] +3 A, -3 R
[["I don’t want to know."]] -3 A, +3 R

Faye is giving out orders for everyone to get something for the exorcism. Just not for Roe.
[["And what am I supposed to do?"]] +2 A
[["Does this mean I get a break?"]] -3 A, -3 R
[["I’m not going to just sit here."]] +2

Afterwards, you get some freetime. You can visit Jeff and Rahim.
[["How are you?"]] +3
[["Still got that stick up your butt?"]] -3
<3 [["Can we talk, please?"]] +3|-3

At the end of Act 2, the exorcism is taking place. Lucia tells you to think about someone to ground and anchor you.
(Rahim Romance >= 3) [[Rahim.]] +1 RR
(if on Break with Chris) [[Chris.]] +1 CR
(Sydero Romance >= 5) [[Sydero.]] +1 SR
(Amari Romance >= 2) [[Amari.]] +1 AR
[[A most beloved memory.]]

Choosing Rahim, his picture of him in your mind will ask you to let him shoulder some of your pain.
<3 [[Give him none of it.]] +1 RR, -5 R
[[Give him some of it.]] +5|-5 R
[[Give him all of it.]] +5 R

Episode Six: Dreamscape

You learn how the group has acquired the body in which they trapped Zillah after the exorcism.
[["I didn’t want this though!"]] -3 R, -3 C, +3 A
[["You should’ve done something else."]] -5 R, +3 C, +5 A
[["You have a point, I guess."]] +3 R, +5 C, -3 A
[["It’s done now."]] +5 R, -5 C, -5 A

You get a couple of choices as your first reaction upon seeing Zillah's new face.
[[Punch him.]]
-->[[Release it.]] +5 R, -5 A, +3 C, -10 Z
-->[[Stop.]] -3 R, +5 A, -5 C, +5 Z
[[Ask him if he’s comfortable.]]
-->[["I was being serious."]] -5 R, +3 A, -3 C, +3 Z
-->[[Shrug and smirk.]] +3 R, -3 A, +5 C, -3 Z
[[Continue staring.]] +-0
(Zillah >=50) [[Boop his nose.]] +2 Z, +5 A

When you have some free time, you can go and speak to Rahim. You will find him reading a book.

If you have at least 10 Creativity or the Creative Arts college major, you will mention you do creative things and Rahim will inquire about what kind of creative activity you do:
[["I’m a writer."]] +3
[["I’m an artist."]] +3
[["I’m a musician."]] +2
[["I act, theatre stuff."]] +2

If you are not quite that creative, you get some other choices as Rahim asks how you're doing.
[["I feel like something’s missing."]] -3
[["I’m great."]] +3
[["I’m okay but I’m also worried."]] +2
[["You are horrible! Reading the last page?"]] +-0

Once you enter the Dreamscape, Rahim is less than pleased when you invade his privacy.
You need at least 3 points in his romance to get the romantic options.
<3 [[Fight the disappointment, "well, I’m sorry to be such a bother."]] +1 RR, +3 R
<3 [[Smirk and nudge him, "I can shatter a lot more than that."]] +1 RR, -3 R
[["I’m not enjoying this either."]] -3
[["I didn’t mean to intrude."]] +3

Episode Seven: Unpredictability

You open the episode with a nightmare. After the initial choice, you get to choose who you see upon waking up. Whoever you choose, you get +5 with them.
[[To see Amari peering at me wide-eyed.]] +5 A
(if Chris) [[To feel Chris’s hand on my forehead.]] +5 C
[[To see Rahim glancing down at me.]] +5 R
[[To hear Zillah shout from his seat.]] +5 Z

You are sitting together to discuss the next step of action when Amarante bursts in and asks for help in some Fae business. Do you want to help?
[["No, Sydero is our focus."]] +1 proSyd, -5 R
[["How about we put that on the backburner."]] +1 proSyd, -3 R, +3 C
[["Yea, of course."]] -1 proSyd, +3 R, +3 C, +2 A
[["How important is this guy?"]] -1 proSyd, +5 R, -3 C, +5 A

If you told the rest of the group that you are unstable, Rahim will group with Bradley, Zillah, Faye, and Jeff to check out the location of the Hell Gate.
[["Did you just sideline me?"]] -3 B
[["Why bring Zillah?"]] +3 R, +3 C, -3 A
[["What do you want us to look for?"]] +3 R, +3 B
(if Chris) [["Oh, but Chris can go?"]] -5 C

If the group does not know you are unstable, you will accompany Rahim, Amarante, Amari (and Chris) to help out with the missing Fae druid. You meet up with Amarante's contract, a half-fae named Tristen, and discuss how you are tackling the issue.
[["Agreed, you guys know them better than us."]] +5 R, -3 C, +3 A
[["Fine, fine."]] +3 R, +3 A
[["That’s it, we just don’t investigate the faeries?"]] -3 R, +3 C, -3 A
[["Well, that’s a stupid decision."]] -5 R, -5 A

Now there is another slight diverging path. You will either stay watch outside with Amarante, or accompany the others inside. If you have at least 15 points in perception, or your college major was either Communications, Criminal Justice, or Psychology, you will go inside. Otherwise, you stay with Amarante.

If you go inside with the others, you can choose this:
[["Everyone calm down and take a seat."]] +3 R, -3 C
[["I put my money on the druid."]] -3 R, +3 C
[[Let someone else handle it.]] +-0

Rahim will be unamused after you have an hallucination and act out.
[[Berate him.]] -3
[[Apologize to him.]] +2
[[Make a joke.]] -5
[[Say nothing.]] +- 0

If you stayed outside with Amarante, Rahim will be pissed when you injure Amarante in your hallucination. He asks what you did.
[["How did you get out here so fast?"]] -10
[["It means I don’t know."]] -5
[["Give me a minute!"]] -5

Upon arriving back at Faye's house, Zillah and Bradley tell you how their trip went: Bradley killed either Langston or Petri.
[["If not him, then me."]] +3 B, +3 C, +3 Z, -3 R, -3 A
[["Whoa, no way, high five!"]] +3 B, +3 Z, -3 R
[["He did what!?"]] +3 A, +3 R, -3 B, -3 C, -3 Z
[["How are you feeling?"]] +3 B, +3 A

Episode Eight: Journey To Hell Part One

Raum is his charming self and starts to threaten Bradley.
[[Attack him.]] +3 C, +2 B, -3 R, -2 Z
[[Shift to stand in front of Bradley.]] +2 R, +2 C, +2 A
[[Verbally assault him.]] +3 C, +2 B, -3 R, -2 Z

For most people, Rahim will serve as the main distraction to get away from Raum. A variation of this scene is when Petri is still alive (cause Langston was sacrificed by Raum and you did not kill him in the forest). Then Petri will come by and attack Raum.
(at least Rahim 50) [[Hug him. "Be careful."]] +3 R
(interested in men/both) [["I don’t like this idea."]] +5 R, (-5 C, - 3 Z if you flirted with them enough to get them jealous)
(interested in men/both) [["No, I’m staying with you."]] -5 R, (-5 C, - 3 Z if you flirted with them enough to get them jealous)
[["You heard the man, let’s go."]] +-0
[[Just go.]]

If Petri does show up, you can try to help him or just leave.
[[Help him.]] +5 A, -5 B, -3 Z, -3 R, -2 C
[[Go, now.]] -5 A, +3 B, +3 Z, +2 C

Before you enter the Gate to Hell, Bradley asks you again to bring Sydero back.
[["Consider it done."]] +3 Z, +3 A, +3 B, -3 R, -3 C
(if less than 2 proSyd points) [["Don’t have much of a choice here."]] +3 C, +3 R, -3 Z, -3 B, -3 A
[["I’ll try my best."]] +3 C, +3 A, +3 B, -3 R, -3 Z  

Episode Nine: Journey To Hell Part Two

No changes here
2. What Goes Bump in the Night
3. Chicago Rogue
4. The Vulnerable Five
5. The Banishing
6. Dreamscape
7. Unpredictability
8. Journey To Hell Part One
9. Journey To Hell Part Two
10. When Death Comes Knocking


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