Everyone in this life has lost someone, has seen nothing but hurt. It doesn’t get better, it only stops hurting when you have nothing left to lose.- Faye
  Hunters/Huntresses or Specialists are two types of professions of people who basically hunt or take jobs that have to do with the supernatural. Hunters and huntresses are humans who are either born into the life, dragged into it because of events, or choose to enter on their own free will. Hunters usually don’t get paid for the work that they do, and they mostly find jobs on their own. Specialists are any supernatural creature that hunt other supernaturals. Most of them are hired onto jobs, though it’s not strange to see some take hunts for the good of society.




Hunters are humans who hunt due to revenge, being born and trained into the life, or simply because they chose to go down that path. There is only about a thousand hunters registered with the official hunting agency, Order of the Vendikai. But this is to not count for those unlisted, as many don’t bother to register themselves due to the fees and restrictions.   Hunters typically come across jobs after searching through local and nationwide news. They are not known to have lives outside of their jobs, and it’s highly unlikely for them to leave the job whenever they wish. If a hunter is called by another to handle a job, then it’s typically because the caller is a friend or an acquaintance, and the hunter is less likely to actually get paid for the job. Hunters have been seen either working solo or working along with a partner or a small group, no more than four.  


You can’t be a hunter when others may seek to hunt you. - Sydero
It is highly unnatural for hunters/huntresses to take on hunts for pay. There are few differences between specialists and hunters, the biggest being their species. Only hunters can be humans, and therefore, any supernatural species that decide to go into the business is immediately labeled as a specialist. Sydero states that specialists are anyone who hunt for money or some other type of payment, but that isn’t necessarily true, as even those who do it for no payment at all are still deemed as specialists. It is true, however, that many specialists hunt select groups, and a majority of them have specific styles or ways that they carry out their job. For example, Sydero is known to do messy jobs but has never left a job open. The famous werewolf specialist, V-Hunt, is known to only take jobs that eliminate vampires and is known to remove the fangs of his kills.   Hiring a specialist instead of contacting a hunter is mostly due to what the individual is looking for. Hunters do a looser job and aren’t known for keeping said job under wraps. Specialists are known to get in and get out and leave it at that. Specialists also work alone, more so than hunters, and so being discreet is another favorable fact. But they are not cheap, and it’s not uncommon for them to bite the hand that pays them.



Most hunters and specialists have extensive knowledge of the supernatural as well as martial art training, medical experience, and thus. Those who come into the job without knowledge aren’t likely to be alive for very long, as knowledge is one of the greatest weapons any hunter or specialist can have. Alongside this, they have to be able to either use a gun, wield a blade, or have some combat training. This is especially true for hunters since specialists have their own specific abilities that they can rely on.   Along with their own knowledge, these groups are known to have talismans and other charms that can further assist them. They have a wide range of weapons ranging from blessed blades, holy water, and guns with particular kinds of ammo.  

Hunter Association

Every country has an official government-led agency known as the Vendikai. This agency is similar to federal agencies such as the FBI, CIA, but its agents specialize in going after supernatural criminals and causations, as well as being far more secret. Hunters who are registered and work under this agency see a broader range of tools at this disposal. Including magical tattoos that allow them immunity to some species bites and abilities, anti-possession to demons and ghosts, and the ability to not fall under a vampire’s compulsion or a jinn’s magic.
Public Services
The only legal hunters and specialists are those who have registered with the Order of Vendikai. One can differentiate them from an un-registered hunter/specialist due to tattoos that most, if not all, hunters bare, and a symbol that is usually worn at all times on the person.   For those who are not registered, they are not legally protected under the government and so any crime that is committed is, therefore, their burden to bear. They are under the mercy of the judicial system.

Known Hunters and Specialists

A star beside the name means that they are registered with the Hunter Association.
  • Roe: Specialist
  • Chris Richardson: Hunter
  • Sydero Theron: Specialist
  • Amari Foster: Specialist
  *Note: Faye, Bradley, and Jeff are technically not hunters but what hunters/specialists call 'aid.' Literally meaning that they provide aid but are not known to get their hands dirty.


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