disease with cure

Daemon Tech, while relatively safer and cleaner than steam power, is still not without it's dangers. Those who work closely with the tech on a regular basis are prone to a condition called Daemon bleed, believed to be caused by corrupted auras or energy which seeps from the Daemon devices. This seepage is minute so has no known effect on those who come into occasional contact with the devices, but repeated exposure over longer periods of time will bring on the condition.   The condition first became apparent not long after the Daemon devices were put to public use.Those who worked with them began complaining of headaches, nausea, trouble sleeping and disturbing dreams. Some even said they experienced hallucinations, both visual and auditory. The institute said they had come across these symptoms while creating the devices, but believed they had put in sufficient safe guards to protect against the condition before making them public: they hadn't accounted for build up of exposure.   The Institute already had a solution in place which they had been using during the development of the Daemon devices. It needed tweaking a bit, as the exposure was at a different scale to what they had already experienced, but they worked with the alchemists guild and soon had a remedy ready for public use. As the Magi-Technicians were most at risk from this condition, due to working with the Daemon devices everyday, they were the first people to test the new the new remedy. After a few trials it was determined that taking the remedy once a week staved off the effects of the Daemon devices and seemed to cause no side effects.   The remedy was a ilquid that could be mixed with sweetened tea, or straight if one was brave enough, and as long as the weekly dosage was maintained all symptoms vanished within a month of starting. The headaches and nausea disappeared within days, normal sleeping patterns resumed within two weeks, and the dreams faded completely after the first month.


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