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Blue Oyster Campaign.

1/1/317 AG

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The Blue Oyster Campaign is based on a Standard Starfinder Campaign. It has elements overtones of Horror and a liberal amount of Cthuhlu Mythos added in. The universe is a place of wonder and new ideas, but out of the corner of your eye sometimes you can catch sight of the truth underlying the universe.   What lies beneath the surface that most people see? Is that person you are talking to really a monster in disguise? How do you know what is reality and what is a figment of your imagination.   In this world heroes can become figures of legend. They inspire people to heights of bravery and allow people to become more then they think they can be.   Villains are vile creatures that give regular people nightmares that they cannot remember in the morning, but still keep them from being able to fall asleep at night.

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