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Undercity - Twistwood

Slavemaking Isle densely packed with twisting giant tree trunks. Wooded platforms extend between as a sort of walkway city, and the slaves spend most of their lives above ground, within the tree hollows. Their masters live near the roots, more comfortably grounded if you will.    Their Conditioning system - tested and refined through generations - involves honing people into perfect, obedient tools for whatever purpose requested - for a sizeable fee of course. Custom orders especially.   

There are 2 primary groups residing on this isle:

  Slavemasters aka Numbers - referring to each other by numbered code names. The lower the number, the higher the rank. First to Seventh are reserved for the leaders. Within the Numbers, are the roles of Deceptors and Stranglers.    Stranglers: inflict physical strain, often with chains as their motif. Though common torture methods remain in their arsenal.  
Deceptors: inflict psychological strain through illusory means.
    Slaves aka Kros - they firmly believe that one day they will be freed and support each other as family, even if not blood related. They are adept at climbing and stealth. They often post patrols to warn of when a slavemaster approaches and to inform each other of what they overhear/see, because they're shut off from the rest of the undercity.      Many Numbers had been at some point in their life, an underdog, and are often parents to the Kros. As parents, they wish their children to be strong... much stronger than they were in youth, so this slavemaking is their warped way of showing love and fostering strength. Most have lost reason, being so consumed by the past they lose sight of what they've gained.    Currently, the Numbers are working on a secret project to bring the world to its knees. And not in the metaphorical sense.

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