Bludgeon Ball

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You never lose anything. That which shatters finds itself whole. They say some can never be whole but that is not the truth. All becomes whole simply because it changes.   The meltdown of a single nation blew apart the house of cards which made the world economy and birthed the Final Crash. A chain reaction was set off that altered the landscape of the planet down to the planet’s crust. Governments, borders, society the crumbled Earth held a violent rebellion against Nature and itself. Chaos reigned in its wake until even that grew old, and ruinous calmed.   Sixteen year old Nati has never seen another human being except old man Raditz. Together they travelled through the wastelands intersecting between the Xhosa, Zulu, Pedi, Venda and San territories where nothing can survive the hellish fury which is now the African sun.   The day she saw her first sign of human life, she lost the only man she’d ever known and the course of her life descended into a road that led her to an oasis at the edge of the world, where nothing can escape. Humans are hard to deal with, impossible to figure out or trust, most especially when you have something everyone wants, a way out.   If Nati wants out alive, she will have to bet her life on a game she had never so much as heard of. Bludgeon Ball, and if she can survive without breaking every bone in her body and trust in her less than honest partner then she just might make it out alive. When survival through strength is the only thing you know, the best solution can be found in a game where fatal assault is literally in the name.     Welcome to Post Apocalyptic Africa that makes the World of Bludgeon Ball!   What will you bet your life and everything you have on?