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Blood, Steam, and Snow

In the morning of June 30, 1908 a massive explosion occurred in Tunguska, Siberia. Local people began fleeing the area, reporting a wide-ranging series of supernatural horrors. Efforts were made by the Imperial court to ascertain the nature of the detonation, but no expedition was ever seen again.   In 1914 volcanoes around the world erupted, blocking out the sun and bringing numbing cold. Diabolical armies flooded out of Siberia. Human armies fought back. The Great War involved every modern nation on Earth. Eventually by 1918 humanity emerged victorious, but at tremendous cost. Much of the human population of the Earth was dead.   With the supernatural armies crushed and their leaders slain, the survivors scattered throughout the world. Some continued to torment humanity, some reached an uneasy peace with their neighbors, and all continued to pursue their own mysterious agendas.   Demons rose from the depths and grabbed control of receptive souls. Wicked men became diabolical monsters with supernatural capabilities and agendas. Werewolves, vampires, and worse once again pursue their own agendas openly in the vast wilderness beyond the tiny remaining enclaves of civilization. Supernatural energies infused the imprints left on the world by the deaths of railroad workers, creating ghosts.   But humanity struggles on despite the danger. Burly lumberjacks with thick necks, thick beards, and thick flannels risk their lives in fortified logging camps to wrest wood from the forest and battle back the wilderness.   Armored locomotives filled with heavily armed guards steam across the wilds transporting ore, lumber, goods, and souls. The crew and heavily armed guards keep a sharp lookout for vampires attempting to infiltrate and gangs of fearsome werewolves lying in wait in order to murder and devour the trains’ occupants.

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