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Blood, Steam, and Fears


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It is the year of our Lord, 1936. Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Victoria Inspirasti Simonem Petrum, has ruled the Empire of Britannia for 99 years, and the turn of this centennial promises much, and not all of it wanted. With the ocean spanning United States of the Free World to the West, with it's elite fighters, industrial production lines, and the dreaded Presidentials, the Russian Federation to the North, with it's unending infantry, technological prowess, and it's triumvirate of hierophant, soldier, and pragmatist, the Techno Tribes of Africa to the South, fearless warriors armed with flintlock, guerilla Boars attacking from the mountains, and unstoppable animal spirits, and the Asian Liberation Movement to the East, with its unflinching terracotta legions, celestial scryers, and mighty mechanical dragons piloted by only the greatest of heros, as well as dark, rebellious mutterings in India, with their shadow magic and animal control, the British Empire, with it's superiority over air and sea, it's tactically genius officers, veterans of a hundred battles, and it's roster of heros renowned the world over, the very world itself may be the final casualty. The Lion and the Eagle, the Bear and the Leopard, the Tiger and the Viper, all must enter the colosseum of the world stage, and only one can emerge victorious.