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Blood Stained Sea: Ocean Of Fire

Created by   Host to a vast ocean with dangers so great the residents named it The Blood Stained Isles ,this area played host to the three roses , reincarnations of fallen heroes whos souls had been intertwined with destiny so that not even death could seperate the chosen . the three did attle with the devourer and destroyed him and the cycle of the roses .   300 years have passed since that day.   Sprawling deserts now inhabit most of the globe. the ocean has all but dissappeared . starlight cove remains a beacon of hope in the new world but for how long? water is a resource more valuable than gold .A corrupt garrison of angels attacked and split avacyn into 8 pieces scattering them across the globe. raeya has entered the long sleep 150 years after the events of the roses,after watching so many of her friends die. something stirs in the sands . an ancient evil . from before the roses...

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