The Protector Tiger

This has spoilers for a chapter or part of The Tiger's Tail a story I want to write in November's war 2022.

In days of yore, the friendly tiger's roar brought protection in the darkest of days.
There was once a friendly tiger, that looked over us, in our darkest days. Its roar protected us from danger.
— Both Old and New versions of a poem of The Protector Tiger.
  The Protector Tiger is a myth of a tiger who resided in the Albertan legislator Building from August 4, 1914, to November 11, 1918. During this time the tiger slept in the building.   When certain events occurred that required the populace to be alerted the tiger would leave the building and roar depending on the roar, it would mean different things such as "stay inside" or "all clear".   As part of the historical weight, a brass plaque can be found where the tiger once slept. The tiger left Edmonton after the First World War but since the Tiger didn't return in the Second World War, some people are wondering if the tiger even existed. It is suspected that the tiger currently lives on the east of the Mississippi River, of the States but these accounts are often but not always dubious at best.


In reality, this tiger is the Were Tiger, James The Teleporting Tiger. James found themselves living in Edmonton, since 1892. He had no foresight of the First World War, so stayed. He could not fight in the war himself, being a Were Tiger so decided to do the next best thing.

Cultural Significance - Literature

The Story of The Protector Tiger is only taught in schools in Edmonton. Other provinces and elsewhere in Alberta find the story dubious or suspect or even fantastical so they do not teach it in their schools.

Public Reception

Those who live in Edmonton, revere the story and hope to see the tiger again. Some may have chips on their shoulders over the treatment of the tiger himself.   Those who live outside the city limits respectfully decline to state their opinions on the matter.

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