Content Warning - Upsetting situations, such as near-death, potential starvation and illness.

Sable And Erin

  The blasted thing came around the corner. As it would normally, the afternoon bus.   Sable: [shout] Lookout Erin!   Being frozen on the spot, Sable looks away expecting a rather nasty crunch sound. She soon finds that she wasn’t expecting what she saw next.   A tiger is in front of her with Erin dismounting him. Sable can’t help but just hug the tiger and thank him.   James: You're welcome, Sable.   James winks and heads off in the direction of Kelowna and Sable and Erin looks at each other in disbelief.   A moment later, Sable streams it being a Thursday and in 2021, Sable does this in front of a blue and cream door with a grandfather clock on the left. She tells the story.   During a sprint, Erin requires Sable's attention for something so she sets her stream on to a break. Going back to the front door, she sees that a UPS driver is delivering a large basket to them. Perplexed, she just leaves it on the floor under a bookshelf unseen by the stream.   Returning the stream back to the viewer she explains what happened.   A week later she wakes up and goes to the room she streams in and sees that there is a tiger in the basket sleeping peacefully. She begins stroking its fur. Perhaps through her doing it, roughly James wakes up seeing Sable.   James: Good morning Sable, I hope you enjoyed your surprise.   Sable looks to a series of pink books which seem to be the majority of the shelf but looks back to James.   Sable: Indeed James!   She says stroking his fur.  

Darth, Realm and Gala

  Within a living room sit children huddling in to each other crying, the oldest, Gala at 17 years is called out of the room by Darth, a man with a black cloak.   Darth: I hope you know what this means for you Gala. I think it's about time you contribute to the household.
Gala: You can’t be serious?
Darth: More serious than I have been, we can't carry on like this, I hope you know that if we can't support you in a healthy environment you won't be living with us.   Gala appears to understand and nods.   Gala: Ok Nik, I’ll get a job.
  Unbeknownst to them James, a friendly weretiger, is eavesdropping on their conversation from an open window.   We can't have this, Gala makes an awesome trio, James thinks. Leaving, James heads to a commercial area. James returns in the evening with a bag of food for the family and puts it on the front mat of their home. Returning into tiger form, he bites the bag.   James departs.   In the morning Realm opens the door and comes to the kitchen with bags of food.   Darth: Where did you get those?
Realm: They were left for us?
Gala: But from whom as we were all here yesterday, and it's not like we have the money to pay for that?   Realm: [suspicious] I don’t know, but let's see if it happens again.   That evening   Gala: What's for dinner?
Darth: Stew.
Gala: Really!
  Darth smacks Gala across the back of his head.   Gala: Ow, what that was for?
Darth: You haven’t eaten anything hot for like a week and when I make some hot food, you complain.
Darth: At least be grateful, someone or something, has known to give us food.
  Realm comes into the room and picks up the bag.   Realm: Something, definitely something, this bag has been bitten by something large.   Leaving the bag they eat the stew and ponder if the same will appear again tomorrow. Sure enough, the next morning, two brown bags, are left one of which has a bite mark on it. Unperturbed by this and seemingly grateful they presume that this will be a regular occurrence.   Realm: What do you mean we shouldn’t worry? We should at least thank them.
Darth: All we have to go on is they have a large cat.
Gala: And a liking for healthy eating.
Darth: Or we can hope, they screw up and show up.
Gala: It would be good to know who it is.
  A week later Gala got his wish. James, as usual, brings the bags over and left them at the front door. As he noticed he had time he got a newly-keyed tiger basket and put it along with the bags of shopping. Laying in the basket James intentionally falls asleep.   Darth: Good Morning Realm. Wanna go look and see if we have our daily donations?
  Realm nods went to the front door.   Realm: Ahhh.
Darth: What is it, Realm?
  Calling back   Realm: It is what is brings us our food, you might want to bring a few elastic bands so it can’t bite.
  Darth comes running coming with three elastic bands as James is still asleep. Even with the commotion, they bring in the food as well as him. They bind his paws together and one over his muzzle.   Upon waking Realm and Gala watch over him like a pair of guards watching a prisoner closely. James struggles a little but sees there is no point in fighting and goes into a much more submissive stance.   Darth: Since we don’t know who you are, if you try anything we will have no choice but to elastic Band snap you.   Darth takes off the elastic band, holding James’s maw shut.   Realm: You have been donating food to us?
James: Yes, I have been doing that.
Gala: Because you want to fatten us up for your meal?
  James laughs.   James: No Gala, the male of our species is far too huggable for that.
Gala: What do you mean “our”? We aren't tigers.
James: No but when you trust me enough you might want to take these bonds off me so I can explain.
Darth: How did you know that we needed food and how did you know my son’s name?
James: You had the window open when you were talking to Gala about him needing to get a job and I am an audience member in your streams. I mass hug Gala all the time.
Gala: You can’t be?
Gala: James?
James: The one and only.
  Gala pulls up a Livestream VOD on a smartphone and plays a time in chat where James does a mass hug on Gala. During this, the internet falters and James roars at the internet router and it clicks back to life, allowing the VOD to continue.   Darth: You roar to … ok then, never mind.
  Realm gets a nod from the other two and slices through the other two bands. James stretches and turns into human form and shakes Realm’s hand.   James: That is what I meant by “our” species.
  James turns back into a tiger.   Darth: So what is it you want from us?
James:For this tiger basket to stay here, so I can have a place to sleep, to be able to give your son hugs as he desperately needs them and I can roar at your router to scare it into working.
  They agree to his terms.   James: If it helps I can hunt for myself, but Gala but might need that job.
  James winks.  


  In a bedroom, an alarm clock changes from 2:59 to 3:00 as a dark chocolate labrador scrapes the door to the bedroom and begins to bark getting the sleeper to awake.   Dazzlikat: What is it Wylee?   Wylee wines.   Dazzlikat gets out of bed and puts on appropriate clothing turning on the bedroom light they open the door to a waiting labrador which walks to the front door of their home. Following this, Dazzlikat opens the door and Wylee runs off.   Dazzlikat: Come back it's cold!   Dazzlikat wraps her clothes around her as she does so Wylee comes back pulling at something and reaching the door. Dazzlikat sees that it is a passed out tiger.   Dazzlikat: Wylee, leave that alone, do you realise you could have got hurt?   As not really expecting Daz jumps to what the tiger says.   Tiger: [sickly] Please, [cough] help me.
Dazzlikat: [disbelive] I’m sorry, What?
Tiger: Please help me.
  At that moment Wylee becomes excitable.   Dazzlikat: Well, if you're so sure?   Dazzlikat bends down and drags the tiger by the paw and into the living room there Dazzlikat puts a blanket over the tiger to keep warm before leaving the tiger sneezes up her leg.   Dazzlikat: Did you have to do that?
Tiger: I’m sorry, but thank you for bringing me in.
  Dazzlikat looks between the hind legs to determine whether it's a boy or girl tiger.   Dazzlikat: You stay there tonight and rest like a good boy tiger, would.   The tiger nods and sneezes again. Over a period of days, the tiger loses weight from illness but Dazzlikat is often there tending to wounds and feeding and watering the tiger. At the end of the first week when the tiger could walk weakly. Dazzlikat thinks of something to say.   Dazzlikat: You must have a name, tiger?
Tiger: I do.
  Dazz looks expectant.   Tiger: Oh, I’m James.
Dazzlikat: That’s an odd name for a tiger.
James: You don’t know half of it.
  James walks to the front door and bangs the side of his head against it. Dazzlikat gets the request to open the door.   Dazzlikat: Please don’t leave, it was nice to have you around.
James: There is something I have to do first, you might want to get the hose pipe ready.
  Not knowing what would happen Dazzlikat opens the door anyway. Leaving James, runs off to the nearest mountain and returns with a mountain lion in his maul and begins to carve the lion up and roll in the blood of the mountain lion. Hungry, James eats the mountain lion and goes over to a waiting Dazzlikat.   James: Dazzlikat I’m a Blood Panther!
Dazzlikat: Ew James that's disgusting.
  Dazzlikat gets the hose and points it at James firing the hose James behaves like a domestic cat getting wet by pouncing around. When the blood is completely off, he shakes to get most of the water off. Showing the original tiger fur the wounds have healed the odd ritual healing him.   Lying in front of the fire, James stares into the fire as he dries off and Dazz strokes his fur. In the evening James is getting nicely warm and sleeps further away from the fire.   The next morning Dazzlikat and Wylee leave for their morning walk. James looks into Dazzlikat’s eyes.   James: I will come back, Dazz.
  Dazzlikat looks down at James.   Dazzlikat: I believe you, James.
  With a nod, James runs off into the distance.   Much later in the day. James does not return. It is a couple of days later when a postman comes to the door and delivers a large package to Dazzlikat.   Dazzlikat: I didn't order anything!
Postman: Doesn't matter, company requirements, the package has no returns on it.
  Shrugging Dazzlikat brings in the package and opens it to see a large wicker basket with a tiger emblem at one end not thinking of anything Dazzlikat, puts it in a cubby hole on the floor.   For the rest of the day, she follows the events of the day.   The next morning, Dazzlikat wakes up to loud breathing. Going into the living room she sees a large sleeping tiger in the basket. Dazzlikat carefully goes over to the tiger and begins to stroke the soft fur of the tiger. A couple of times the tiger stirs but doesn't wake over the next 30 minutes the tiger stirs enough to wake up.   James: Hello, Dazz. I hope you like your surprise?   Giving Dazzlikat a hug. Dazzlikat fights the hug and pokes his nose.   James: Ow what was that for?
Dazzlikat: [crying] You said you would be back I was worried.
James: Daz I’m back and with this basket, I can come and go as I like.
  Dazzlikat hugs James around the neck tightly.   James: Dazz?
Dazzlikat: Yes?
James: You're turning me into a rug, by the way?
Dazzlikat: What?
James: You’re choking me.
  Dazzlikat releases slightly to allow James to breathe.   James: Seeing as you don’t want me to leave how about I make your place the base of operations?
Dazzlikat: That would be wonderful James!


  Narrator: But wait this article is about origins?
James: Yes, and your point?
Narrator: [defensive] Each story, is of you helping your twitch friends or them helping you and them getting a tiger basket in this world.
James: Yes my story, is a long one and deserves its own slot and a crap ton of trigger warnings.
Narrator: Oh come on! You have had near-death, starvation, and illness as trigger warnings. How much worse can it get?
James: Well how about, Kidnapping, forced imprisonment, enslavement, and torture.
James: [Annoyed] is that enough for you. Disembodied Narrator?
Narrator: Wow that's a selection of trigger warnings. Do you really think that will tempt the reader on?
  James releases his claws.   James: [vexed] Your beginning to sound like Automod, are you sure you don’t want to enjoy a trip down my digestive tract?
Narrator: [scared] Let's not get too hasty.
James: And besides there is whole more fiction I have written, they can enjoy.
Narrator: I see
Narrator: I guess wait and see for the next instalment I guess.
James: It's called November.
Narrator: What the story or when you are writing it?
  James roars having already released his claws.   Narrator: See you next time folks, ahhhhhh, nice kitty ahhh, down boy.   Crunching sounds can be heard in a nearby microphone and a few pokes of it   James: And you wondered why the Narrator didn't feature much?
James: Don’t worry, the Narrator is going to be ok.

Cover image: Blood Panther by Aydan Nightshade with Canva


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