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Patron Saturn Felstrider (a.k.a. Chronos, Kroâ)

Saturn is the patron of Clan Felstrider. He has held the position for nearly three decades, and he shows no indication of leaving it. His reign is progressive, and he has pushed the clan into a new era: one of power and richness. His rule has not been without consequence, however. No matter how much he tries to cover it up, there are troubles haunting him that he just can't shake.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Saturn is physically fit, and his form is lean and well-muscled. He has a rock-climber's build, not overly-muscled yet physically strong.

Body Features

Saturn's skin is alabaster white with an overlaying of many reddish-black scales. Hard plates trail down his spine, and his tail ends in a scaled tip. He bears thick tusks which protrude from his mouth and a crown of curling horns on his head. His ears are long and tapering, drooping slightly.

Facial Features

He, like most daemova, has a very feline face with sharp cheekbones and a sloping jaw. His eyes are slightly curved upwards, and dark lashes frame them. His nose is heavily aquarian with wide-flaring nostrils.

Identifying Characteristics

He has the clan's brand tattooed into the dip of his collarbones, and his ears are decorated in a number of piercings.

Physical quirks

Saturn is predominantly left handed, and he bears a very dominating gait. He walks with his shoulders spread, chest puffed, and chin high. His father once told him the most important part of leadership was looking the part.

Special abilities

As all daemova, he is stronger than other dae, save for the beast-dae. He also has notable intelligence, though he doesn't always use it.

Apparel & Accessories

Saturn prefers silks and dark threads with gold or silver designs. Robes are a favorite of his, as well as flowing garments. When he needs to visit the "human world" he dons a black suit with a red undershirt.

Specialized Equipment

In the clan's public eye, he wears the circlet establishing him as patron. When seeing humans, he will sometimes wear the circlet, depending on who he needs to impress.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Saturn comes from a long line of patrons. Every member of his family has been pure-blooded daemova, and there is no doubt about the power running through his veins. Because of his elevated status, his childhood was filled with lesser dae cower at his feet and doing his every whim. Needless to say, he grew up quite conceited, and he gathered arrogance to accompany his endless pride in his young adult years.   His hubris was his father's undoing, however. He picked a fight with a rival clan, and when he found he could not win the fight, he fled back home. The dishonor erupted into a brief but brutal war, leaving his father with a grievous wound which quickly soured. His father died a painful death at the hands of fever and infection, and the rule of the clan fell to Saturn's hands. His pride did not vanish, but it certainly diminished and was locked away after that event.   Saturn took to ruling his clan with little emotion, and most of his first years were dedicated to ceasing the war that he had started. It took time, and he lost many resources and good dae in the process, but eventually, a treaty was written.


Saturn received the best training and education the clan had to offer. He is proficient in the ancient blade arts of the dae, as well as fighting with words and wit. The only thing his tutors couldn't teach him was humility.


Saturn serves as Clan Felstrider's patron, leading the clan and settling diplomatic feuds with other clans.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Saturn's first accomplishment was ending the war between Clan Felstrider and Clan Tarron -- the war that he caused. He managed to maintain peace with the clan until the 21st century. After Clan Tarron was decimated and another clan took its place -- Clan Loombane -- Saturn pressed the clan's matron until the two became shaky allies.

Failures & Embarrassments

Saturn considers his greatest failure the starting of the war with Clan Tarron and the subsequent death of his father. He has tried to keep from failure during his reign as patron, but luck is not always on his side. His constant urging for Clan Loombane to enact a treaty nearly started another war, and things are still terse with the young clan.

Mental Trauma

Although he won't tell anyone, Saturn still gets nightmares of the war he started and his father's death. He fears not only letting someone he cares for dying by his hand but also of dying the same way as his father.

Intellectual Characteristics

Saturn prefers to be logical, but he has a very philosophical soul. When he is alone, he tends to daydream and consider even the finest details of life: the relation between clans, dae and humans, and even love.

Morality & Philosophy

Saturn's morality is a bit skewed. He says he does everything for the betterment of the clan, but sometimes the clan suffers because of his decisions: decisions borne out of the want to merely protect.   His philosophy is that if he can keep everyone safe, no one else will need to worry about their protection. The Council tells him such stress will put gray hairs on his head before his time.

Personality Characteristics


Saturn desires to progress the clan as best he can in the time of his reign. He pushes for more integration with humans, to learn from them and use them. He is not afraid of crossing his own moral lines, as his moral code is shaky at best. He likes to think his motivation to help the clan is purely selfless, but a small part of him knows he is lying to himself.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Saturn is very good at sparring, both with words and with weapons. He is not so good at letting go of things or not rising to take the bait.

Likes & Dislikes

He is particularly fond of a certain statue in Braihurth Park: one depicting an robed figure kneeling before the viewer with palm outstretched.   He dislikes the rain and snow, and just cold in general.

Virtues & Personality perks

Saturn is very quick to action, and he prides himself on his ability to react quickly in a stressful situation. He likes to think himself benevolent and willing to try peace before war, but those are not always true.

Vices & Personality flaws

Saturn never really got rid of his pride, and thus, he is easily angered by mocking words. He is also highly skeptical and never takes anything at face value.

Personality Quirks

He snorts when laughing, and he can't control his expressions well when he is happy or drunk, or both.


Saturn tries to keep good hygiene, although he can usually cajole some lesser dae to clean for him when he can't be bothered.


Contacts & Relations

Saturn holds a shaky alliance with Clan Loombane and Matron Aldar. By his own clan, he is revered (by most).

Family Ties

Most of his family is dead, save for his aged mother. She serves as his second hand, advising him when he does not know what to do.

Social Aptitude

In front of crowds, Saturn oozes charisma, knowing just what to say at the right moment. Truth be told, this parlor trick has landed him in trouble more than once, as he doesn't always know when to shut up.


He is very emotional, but he tries to bury that emotion and rule logically. His logic and emotion often butt heads, and he trips over himself when he is unsure in a situation.

Hobbies & Pets

While not his pet, per se, Saturn has "adopted" one of the dror'gon-drun in the clan's kennel, affectionately naming it Tânʼi. In his own personal quarters, he keeps a large white-lipped python, calling the snake Saint.


Saturn's voice is smooth and rich, and it is very pleasing to listen to. When he has just awoken, it takes on a deeper, gravelly tone.

Wealth & Financial state

Saturn is extremely wealthy, and he secretly revels in it. He is quick to treat himself to the more lavish lifestyle, and he is very eager to buy off susceptible humans with his wealth.

Neutral good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Patron of Clan Felstrider
Year of Birth
1936 (84 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Saturn is the only son of the previous clan patron, so his birth was one of great jubilee in the clan.
Merriweather Station
Current Residence
Merriweather Station, the "abandoned" subway station that serves as Clan Felstrider's home.
He has never put much value in sexual love. Therefore, he is unsure of his own sexuality. It's just not something he has put much thought into, despite all of his philosophical musings.
Gender Identity
Saturn is male-presenting. He prefers he and him pronouns.
Yellow, sharp and calculating
Sleek, raven black; long and worn down with small braids
223 lbs
Aligned Organization
Clan Felstrider
Known Languages
Like most dae, Saturn's first language is Ima'gura. He is also fluent in English and Spanish, as well as a number of other languages. Being the patron means conversing with all sorts of beings, even humans with their numerous languages and dialects.

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